January 12, 2010

With the Marlin Bite in full force, clients Ted and Linda Thompson booked the Wanderer on January 15th and was at the reel for a double Marlin release: A 200lbs. Black Marlin and a 250lbs. Blue Marlin!

She went looking for the grand slam, but was satisfied enough with the two big boys and a 20lbs. Dorado. It was a great day for the boat, client, and crew!

January 3, 2010

Our great friends Mike Young and Jeff joined Javier Hernandez (General Manager, Nosara Paradise Rentals) for a sunset cruise. They caught lots of fish in a short amount of time: four 12lbs. Black tuna, a 10lbs. Yellowfin Tuna, a 12lbs. Rainbow runner, and this beautiful 35lbs. Rooster fish, which was released of course.

Earlier in the week Manuel nabbed this excellent Sailfish…c’mon Manuel, save some for the clients!

December 26, 2009

Captain William has the Wanderer dialed in for the new season, and in just two short months this boat has gone from the newcomer to a contender for top boat in the area.

On December 26, 2009 client Caleb Rose, his father Chris and sister Vita were on board the Wanderer.

“My trips were great,” Caleb writes. “I personally caught probably 10 Dorado and three white tuna. My father was thrilled to catch a 130lbs. Sailfish and several Dorado. My sister also caught two Dorado. Captain William did a great job of putting us on the fish and the mates (Alex and David) were very helpful and great to work with.”

Chris Rose continues, “We had a blast. The crew was exceptional, the boat was terrific, the weather was great, the fish were cooperative, and we are depressed to be in 14 degree weather with snow on the ground! Returning to Costa Rica is a priority for us.”

December 3, 2009

Clients Neil Jerome and Jim Rey were on the Wanderer. Not to be outdone by brother Dan, Jim Ray had some nice luck hooking up these big 35-40lbs. Dorados not too far offshore.

No word yet on the sibling fishing rivalry, but I do know that Dan is on his way back down to Nosara in January and might have something to prove.

The Wanderer has performed beautifully so far and we expect a great 2010 season from the blue beauty. It seems like most of the Marlin hungry clients are revved-up to get on this boat, so hurry up and reserve your dates today!

November 30, 2009

On November 30 it was Wayne Patterson’s turn to harvest the blue waters, and this Jacksonville Beach native knew exactly what to do. He got on this huge wahoo and brought her all the way in on a stand-up fight. “It was awesome, man,” Wayne said in an email. “My first wahoo ever and I’ll never forget it.” It was enough of a catch to make the newspaper all the way back in Jax Beach.

Wayne was joined by fellow Jacksonville client Rocky Warpool and his buddies, and right off the bat Rocky caught a HUGE Blue Marlin. The following day they had an incredible time on the Dorados and more wahoo, plus they had about as much fun as you can have. Check out these big smiles!

Here are some great videos that Rocky shot on this trip:

November 28, 2009

It was a great honor to welcome Senora Richmond Phipps on the Wanderer for a pair of half-day trips on November 27 and 28.

Sr. Phipps has been a fixture in Nosara for over 30 years and is a constant source of inspiration and guidance for everyone who knows her. Don Horn, Craig, and Manuel were along to catch three 12lbs. Black tunas and a 15lbs. Yellowfin. On the second day Richmond reeled this Dorado.

To end the day they trolled over the inshore reefs and applied a special tactic the FishingNosara has developed to catch huge Cuberra Snappers. The approach takes patientce, strategy, and lots of strength on the reel.

It worked to perfection, landing two 50lbs.+ monsters in less than an hour.

November 25, 2009

On November 25 the Wanderer was full up again with Craig, Matty, Lucy from Los Angeles, and ‘Lucky’ Brian from San Francisco. Brian is an avid surfer who has visited Nosara for several years, but didn’t want to go fishing because he thought he was bad luck.

No such thing in these waters, my friend! Brian and Lucy absolutely destroyed the schools of tuna on our inshore reefs. Of course, Brian was the icebreaker, catching this 12lbs. Yellowfin tuna first…for the rest of the trip his nickname was ‘Lucky’.

Lucy is an LA County Lifeguard who knows a thing or two about water rescues, but I bet she never had a fight in the water like this Yellowfin tuna. She hung tough, and by day’s end there were eight yummy tunas for the Californians.

November 24, 2009

Captain William welcomed Jacksonville clients Pat and Phil Mickler along with their friends Sue and Russell for a trip offshore. The weather turned out to be a little rainy and the big fish were tough to find; however better luck was found on the inshore reefs.

They caught four 10lbs. Yellowfins on a variety of tackle, including some nice spoon-casting done by Mr. Mickler.