February 14, 2014

Harris Savin continued his tour around the fleet with a visit to Captain David’s Explorer. The good times kept rollin’ for this fun-loving client on the Super panga.

Harris was joined by Roger Smith and together they released five more Sailfish.

Look at these shots…Great work on the camera by Harris!

As usual they added a late-day Dorado for the dinner table.

Harris is on a tear this week and we expect more great catches from this angler.

February 14, 2014

Dave Svec and his crew kept up their strong momentum from last week and scored several super Sailfish releases with the Wanderer.

The billfish were fired up early and showed off awesome aerial acrobatics.

Captain William kept the fights short and First Mate Alex roped these bucking billfish like a true cowboy.

Excellent work by Dave Svec and the mighty Wanderer.

February 13, 2014

After two successful fishing days on the Adventurer, Harris Savin has developed a knack for knocking down big fish.

On February 13 he was joined by his buddy Patrick McGoey on the flagship Wanderer and they put on a whirlwind fishing display that saw five Sailfish releases, plus a pair of Dorado on ice.

The Sailfish were in an acrobatic mood today, with lots of great above-the-water action.

The pair of Dorados are certainly a sweet treat, with the big daddy weighing in at 45lbs.

Great hunting by Captain William and excellent fish handling by First Mate Alex made this a day to remember for the mighty Wanderer.

February 13, 2014

Ryan Harrington and Mackenzie Ruhnke came to Costa Rica to tie the knot, but these honeymooners found out that tied to the end of their knot was this 400+ Marlin:

Captain David cut down the angles on the high-flying beast while Ryan put tighten the the screws on her.

Mate Kevin kept this monster under control, and saw to a picture-perfect Marlin release.

Later in the day they scored a few Sailfish releases to round out the trip.

Great times on the Explorer for the new bride and groom!


February 11, 2014

The Wanderer put on a fishing clinic with client Gordon Nielsen on February 11. Captain William deployed the tried-and-true tactic of following feeding porpoises to the perfect spot.

These spinning porpoises led the way to the blue water break where the Sailfish were ready for battle.

The first releases featured some high-flyers, but Captain Williams deft boat-handling combined with First Mate Alex’s masterful fish-handling spelled trouble for these Sailfish.

Around lunchtime Gordon and the boys put a trio of Dorados on ice…always nice to add some filets to your photographs!

The Sailfish bite fired back up in the afternoon with another pair of fired-up releases.

Great work by Gordan Nielsen on board the baddest boat in the bay!

February 11, 2014

Client Louis Quevillin and his boys booked the Explorer for a brief 2.5 hour visit to the blue water, and Captain David kept his Sailfish hot streak alive despite the short fishing hours.


They didn’t leave empty handed with this tasty White Tuna on ice as well.

It’s a real treat to see such big smiles from such little anglers; at its best fishing is a family sport and it’s an honor to introduce youngsters to the craft of sportfishing.