January 2, 2014

Maikel Cotton’s group exploded onto the scene on the mighty Wanderer with a Striped Marlin release backed up by several Sailfish and a few Dorados for good measure.

This Stripey was the highlight of the trip and is estimated by First Mate Alex to weigh in around 250lbs.

Captain William has the map to Sailfish City and once again put his clients right on top of a swarm of super Sailfish.

Dorado filets round out this trip for these fun-loving clients!

Great work all around by Captain William and First Mate Alex, the Kings of Garza Bay!

December 31, 2013

Sheila and Eric Wollam brought their family down to Nosara and took advantage of the great fishing action this week. These Texas anglers put on a show with two Sailfish releases and two big Dorados for the dinner table.

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It’s great to see a family enjoying their time on the water and reminds us of what fishing is really all about.

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Excellent job by the mighty flagship Wanderer and the Wollam family.

December 30, 2013

Kirk Sandifer and his group enlisted the flagship Wanderer for a morning half day, and they had a brilliant day of blue water fishing. The action started early with a nice trio of Sailfish releases early in the day.

The action intensified when a mammoth Blue Marlin flew through the spread and was expertly hooked by First Mate Alex.

This fight was on, but this monster was no match for Art and the boys.

First Mate Alex turned this Marlin loose, but the Sailfish bite stayed hot yielding another pair of excellent releases.

The walk off shot was the release of ANOTHER big Blue Marlin!

This beast is by far the largest Marlin of the season so far and is truly the fish of a lifetime.

Masterful work by the legendary duo of Captain William and First Mate Alex of the famous Wanderer.

Two Marlins and four Sails on a 5hr. trip? That is the stuff of legend!

“We had a great trip in Nosara, I only wished we could have fished more. The one day with Captain William and Alex, we released 5 sails and 1 blue Marlin.”

“As I was hoping for, my son who just celebrated his nineteenth birthday caught his first bill fish; 1 sail at 9:30 AM and a blue at 11AM.”

“Great day with your team Alex is a beast and William landed us on the bills. They work so good together we just decided to stay out of their way.”

“Our hook up ratio was strong, something like 6 for 9 strikes.”

“Awesome day in Costa Rica. Pura Vida baby!!!”

Kirk Sandifer

December 29, 2013

Tilford Smith and his boys had a big time on board the Wanderer with reports of big Dorados, bigger Sailfish, and the super-big-time Double Sailfish Release!

Mr. Smith got things off to a quick start with this Sailfish release (above), then the boys got down to business.

Captain William has a sixth sense with Sailfish and the mighty Wanderer was on her game this day!

They each released a Sailfish, then the magical double strike occurred just after 1pm.

Safe releases all around by the incomparable First Mate Alex.

They also boated a pair of nice Dorados for the dinner table, illustrating that the Wanderer is truly the best all-around vessel in Garza Bay.

December 27, 2013

John Hicks and his posse had a huge day on the Wanderer with big catches of Dorado and Yellowfin Tuna punctuated by a swarm of Sailfish releases.

First Mate Alex stocked the baitwell with live mullet and Captain William set course for Sailfish City.

In total this group tallied four big Sailfish releases.

A welcome suprise to our fishery recently are the ever-growing Yellowfin Tuna. Usually the Yella Fellas are scarce until March, but this year they are early.

Excellent day of multi-species action for the John Hicks group.

December 27, 2013

The blue water has moved extremely close to shore this week to the delight of our holiday anglers. Check out these blue water specimens caught less than 5 miles from shore:

This is why fishing in our area is the best bang-for-your-buck fishing in the world…most boats have a 40+ mile trip to find these monsters, while here in Garza they are in the front yard.

December 26, 2013

The Cooper Family had a fantastic fishing day on the Explorer with Captain David and Mate Kevin.

Mr. Cooper kicked off the action with a nice Dorado catch.

Thing really heated up in the afternoon as the Explorer was beset by wave after wave of Sailfish strikes.

Sarah Cooper scored this mammoth release, but right on the heels of this fish swimming away Jessica nabbed one of her own. These were the first Sailfish for each of these ladies, but they bested the beasts with the precision of old pros.

Mate Kevin saw to the safe releases as Captain David stayed one step ahead of these rocket ships. Great day of action on the super panga!

December 26, 2013

Jon Salem and his group took the blue water by storm on December 26 with lots of great near-shore blue water action.

Early in the afternoon the kids roped in some big Dorados.

A pair of high-flying Sailfish would come calling late in the day, and the Wanderer showed her stuff with two nice releases.

Great work by this group of Tampa, FL-based angler and the mighty flagship.