March 24, 2017

FishingNosara Hall of Famer Derrell McCrary returned to the Wanderer for a full day of legendary blue water action.

His posse of Tampa-based anglers has been fishing on the big blue beauty since 2011, but nothing could prepare them for this Marlin assault.

This feisty Striped Marlin came calling early in the trip, and was well-handled by Mate Johnson.

Less than an hour later the real monster came calling…this MASSIVE Black Marlin is one for the ages!


She put on a show but Captain William stayed one step ahead of this Marlin to keep the fight as short as possible.

The final piece of the Grand Slam puzzle fell into place at the end of the trip. This Sailfish release puts the finishing touch on the most difficult feat in fishing: Billfish Grand Slam!

November 15, 2013

Derrell and the boys were back on the Wanderer for more Sailfish action on November 15, including one that put on an above-the-water display that will certainly get your heart pumping. Check out this high-flyer:

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Can’t help but smile after that show!

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Safe released by First Mate Alex as always and more big smiles from this big angler!

Derrell took on the second Sailfish of the day and once again a safe release was imminent for this West Central Florida angling legend.

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Another great trip for our good friend Derrell McCrary!

November 14, 2013

Derrell McCrary has spent lots of time on the mighty Wanderer over the last three years, and this St. Petersburg, FL angler brought some buddies along this time for a two day blue water campaign.

They started out their adventure by boating a few nice Dorado:

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These mahi-mahi represented more than just tasty filets for the dinner table…they were a sign that bigger fish were lurking in this stretch of water.

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Sure enough a bad-to-the-bone Sailfish hit the hooks in the early afternoon and the ensuing battle put the anglers to the test. Check out this feisty action right next to the boat:

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First Mate Alex got this fish under control and executed a perfect safe release as always. Derrell and the boys will be back tomorrow and we expect even more great action for them on the famous Wanderer.

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February 2, 2013

Much better action for Derrell McCrary and his posse on their second day of fishing on the Wanderer. They started off on a good note by icing this 40lbs. Dorado:

In the mid-afternoon the billfish bite turned on in  a major way and Derrell stepped up to the challenge, releasing this gorgeous 80lbs. Pacific Sailfish:

This hardcore group of anglers finished off the trip with a 70lbs. Pacific Sailfish and put them memories of their slow first day far behind them.

February 1, 2013

Our old pal Derrell McCrary returned to Garza today for his first of two fishing days. The blue water escaped back out to the 15 mile mark so Captain William and the Wanderer headed way offshore looking for billfish.

The action was slow by our standards but the greenish water did yield a nice Sailfish release late in the trip.

Safe release as always by First Mate Alex on this Pacific Sailfish estimated at 75lbs.

These guys are tough fisherman and know that billfishing is always a gamble. Look our for their next trip and we’ll see if their patience pays off.

February 4, 2012

Derrill McCrary kept up the amazing fishing as he once again enlisted Captain William and the Wanderer. After wearing out the billfish yesterday, this time they set their sights on good eating fish and what they found exceeded even their wildest expectations.

The found an eager school of Dorados who fought with predictable vigor but alas were no match for Derrill McCrary and the mighty Wanderer. The group is pictured with the biggest of the bunch plus they had several smaller specimens on ice.

Check out this email we received from Derrill:

We arrived back home last night and wanted to let you know we enjoyed our fishing time with William and Alex. They are both very professional and know what they are doing.

Our first day was a good one with 3 Sails, 1 Striped Marlin and 2 Dorado. The Sails were a double header which made it very exciting.

The second day was much slower with a triple header of Dorado.

Your crew shows a lot of concern for the fish and we appreciated their efforts to make sure the fish swimming freely before the let them go.

Thanks again for a very good fishing trip,

Derrill McCrary

February 2, 2012

FishingNosara has been working for years to dispel certain myths about fishing in Costa Rica, namely that the fishery is world-class yet the boats and tackle are the exact opposite. Our reputation for top-notch tackle and aggressive fishing proceeded us when we received a call from Derrell McCrary.

Mr. McCrary was fishing on another boat in the  area back in December when he noticed that FishingNosara was catching monsters while he was catching minnows. He booked a full day on the Wanderer and this time we vowed that his fishing experience would be world class.

Captain William pointed the mighty Wanderer south and found the blue water break just 6 miles offshore. The spread was working early in the day, snaring a pair of nice Dorados (Mahi-Mahi) that weighed 30lbs. each. Here is one of the tasty green morsels:

After a brief spell of nothing biting, the 1pm Sailfish bite lit up and two hungry Pacific Sailfish came tearing through the spread. First Mate Alex coordinated the fights and the releases, notching the Wanderer‘s scorecard with three more excellent billfish releases including a double header Sailfish release.

This performance certainly exorcised the Costa Rica fishing demons for Derrell McCrary, but FishingNosara’s reputation wasn’t built on meeting expectations but on exceeding them. That is why after 7 great hours of fishing the mighty Wanderer still had a trick up her sleeve.

This 180lbs. Striped Marlin releases is the third of the month for Captain William and proves that the FishingNosara flagship Wanderer is indeed the top boat in the area; she is a vessel that flourishes where other fail.