New Boat Build

March 22, 2023

The FishingNosara Build Team has started a new project. The Fishtastic XL is a 38-foot Eduardono Corvina-style hull, and upon completion will be the only panga of this size in the US.

The hull was completed in the Eduardono factory in Medellin, Columbia and shipped to our shop in Jacksonville, FL.


April 11, 2023


We are three weeks into the build an the Fishtastic XL is already taking shape. We are building from the bottom-up, so the first task is a series of floor panels and their affiliated hatches.


April 22, 2023

Progress continues on the Fishtastic XL at a breakneck pace.



We have completed the fabrication of the floor pieces and coated both sides with multiple layers of fiberglass.

We invested a lot of time to perfect these stringers so that their are no high spots; a bad spot could potentially warp the deck panels if they aren’t properly flattened BEFORE installing the deck.

We gathered up all the ballast we could find around the shop to hold the panel in place while a thick bead of 610 epoxy cured.


We are stoked with the progress and are looking forward to installing more panels in the coming weeks.

May 9, 2023

We have finished installing the front deck panels on the Fishtastic XL, and are now plowing through the installation/perfection of the deck portals.

These are all one-offs, made of pure Coosa wood and fiberglass. Also these boxes will utilized Gem Products hinges and latches.


May 22, 2023

The Fishtastic XL team reached a major milestone this week; all of the major custom floor pieces are fitted and in place.

Getting here required a lot of attention to detail. The subfloor in the fish box required a lot of custom cuts and ballast to hold it in place while the epoxy cured:

All the floor hatches have three Gem Products hinges, and each required a custom-fit hinge pocket to be routed into the floor.

Each carve-out will be topped with fiberglass and gelcoat before the hinges are permanently installed.

Also the three holes for the ocean water pickups have been drilled in the floor of the hull beneath the transom. These holes will be epoxy-sleeved and sealed with fiberglass cloth.