March 25, 2021

William Blocher scored TWO fish-of-a-lifetime on March 25 with Captain Fico reporting a pair of Marlin releases.

“Captain Fico put me on the fish straight away,” wrote Bill in an email.

Amazingly, this was on a 5 hour half day trip.

Excellent fish-handling by Mate Antonio to ensure the safe survival of this wonderful.

Also late in the day they hooked up another marlin estimated at 700lbs.-800lbs.

Touched the leader and released. Thought the only photo we have so far is this Bigfoot-esque blurry shot, this fish is a real monster.

March 14, 2021

Nate Goldstein and his family had a wonderful day on the Discoverer on March 14. The highligh of the day was this sweet Marlin fight, captured on video from the tower by Captain Carlos.

This one got away, but a nice Pacfic Sailfish wasn’t so wily.

After the safe release, they also kept the rods bent with several Yellowfin Tunas.

“Carlos and Kevin were fantastic.” Nate wrote in an email. “Kept it moving for the kids, good and mellow vibe, great communication and forethought. Thank you for running a tight ship.”

February 15, 2021

Our great friend Vigil Russell fished with Captain David on February 15 turned in one of the most exciting scorecards we’ve ever seen from the Adventurer.

The 23-foot switchblade fought and leader-released a big Blue Marlin, and throughout the day performed several traditional releases of Sailfish.

They also scored a fantastic Rooster Fish release.

This is a triple-serving of world class trophy releases from the smallest boat in the bay…amazing perfomance from Captain David on a sure-fire Hall of Fame day!

February 6, 2021

Captain Alex welcomed anglers from the Adam O’Keil group on February 6 and posted a banner day of blue water action.

On the way out to the blue water they nagged some small feeder fish, then stepped up the main attraction.

This Marlin release is a truly world-class angling acheivment. Safely handled and relesed by Captain Alex so we can count on battling this beautiful billfish again soon.

The Harvester was attacked by swarms of Sailfish throughout the trip.

These billfish were fired up and ready for action; what a blessing for these Canadian anglers.