May 8, 2019

The Wanderer welcomed a fun-loving group of Texas anglers on May 8.

Merritt and Brian Wruble, Nicole and Bubba Miles, Glenn and Dahni Bloomfield all brought great attitudes to the blue water and the big monsters were happy to pay a visit from below.

Two Sailfish were released throughout the trip, including this big one:

The highlight of the trip was this monster Blue Marlin releases; certainly a true fish-of-a-lifetime.

Great work by Captain William and this fun group of anglers…hold on to your hats because they have more trips planned this week.

March 27, 2019

Our new pal Chuck Boyer took a day off from his retreat over at Blue Spirit to pursue Blue Marlin, and the barroom brawler Explorer delivered the goods. Check out this beast:

They followed up with multiple nice Sailfish releases:

Amazing day of fishing — Fico & Johnny took great care of me! I really appreciate their patience w/ my limited spanish, but we made it work. My only regret was not being able to take a couple lovely Mahi filets into Nosara for a nice dinner.

Thanx to the Fishing Nosara Team for an awesome experience!

(That’s “Senor Carlos” to Fico & Johnny)

All honest true praise!

My thanks also to Matt, Javier, & Yoseth for taking care of my local logistics. It’s those seemingly little tasks that can also make or break how a day kicks off.
You’ve got a top notch local family!

Pura Vida

Chuck Boyer

March 19, 2019

Multi-time FishingNosara Hall of Famers Ken and Brenda Russell are back! Joined by their usual motley crew of Texas anglers including Larry Komenda and Misti Nolan, this good-vibes group threw down the gauntlet on their first day of fishing on the Wanderer.

After some early Sailfish action, Brenda shot to the top of the scoreboard with this MASSIVE Blue Marlin release:

Hold on to your hats folks…Team Russell will be here for two weeks and you know that they are ready for battle!