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Hi Craig!

Finally back in country and wanted to thank you for a great trip.

My wife and her friend Mary had never caught a billfish and on the Wanderer, caught four each in two days including a double hook-up. They were thrilled and will be talking about that for a long time.

I caught a nice 38 pound rooster and my friend Jim caught a nice Cuberra snapper while fishing the last two days with Captain Carlos on the Discoverer. Although we only fished a half day on our last day, our group total for the four days of fishing came to 13 sails, 6 tuna, 1 rooster and 1 snapper.

You guys have an excellent operation and we had an awesome trip! Your staff are incredible at their jobs and your facility offers world class fishing! It was great to get to spend a little time with you and we are really appreciative of an awesome trip. Will continue to spread the word (and pictures).

Pura Vida!

John Shellhorn

Jacksonville Beach, FL

February 26, 2020


Pura Vida!
“pure life”; to live a peaceful, simple existence full of happiness, satisfaction, well-being, and deep love for nature, family, and friends.

What an incredible fishing trip with friends to Nosora, Costa Rica.

We ate great food.. we had a ton of fun… and caught a few fish.

7 sailfish, 5 Yellowfin tuna, 3 cubera snapper, 2 mahi mahi

We will never forget “the one that got away… the fish of a lifetime.”

The guys worked on a gigantic yellowfin tuna for 3 hours…. as soon as we got a good look it it… the line snapped.
The guys are still very sensitive about this.

I’m not sure how big it was… every day it gets bigger and bigger. Today the guys are estimating it was a good 400lbs. Ha.

Even though the fish of a lifetime got away we still had a great time fishing!

Sam and Cory swam with Sailfish…

Allison and Cindy went offshore for their first time… and caught a sailfish.

Most importantly, Jon caught dinner!

Pura Vida!

Josie LaChance

Lake Jackson, TX

February 3, 2020


We had a great day fishing on Saturday on the Explorer. The guys put us on some great fish.

We caught 3 sail fish and 1 Mahi. 2 other mahi spit out the hook, but we got to see them jump.

The dolphin pods we saw were amazing.

Thanks for a great excursion.

Justin and Erin Dorsk

Alexandria, VA

January 18, 2020



I wanted to thank you guys for a great trip. In 3 days fishing, we landed over 60 tuna (many released), 2 marlin, 2 dorado and a sail.

The tuna were school size (perfect for my teenage daughter & her friend) up to about 45 lbs. We fed people in our condo complex, our property manager and our taxi drivers!

The dorado went towards a pile of fish tacos.

Your captains and mates were excellent, great personalities, worked hard and kept the boats very clean. Maria’s lunches were fantastic!

We hope to be back and when we do, we will be fishing with you!

Thanks again for helping make this such a great experience!

Jon Cira

Elk River, MN

October 21, 2019


Craig, Just wanted to thank you and Matty for a great trip.

Friday Aug 23rd was my Birthday and we released 2 marlins…best present ever.

We are booking are trip for next year this week.

Thanks Again!”

Stephen Dziadul

St. Petersburg, FL

August 23, 2019


Back from Nosara Paradise Rentals, Following one of the best trips down there I have had.

Fishing was as always awesome. Quality fish, good boats and equipment and highly talented crews. Nothing better than sharing the experience as close friends catch dream fish in foreign lands.

I did more exploring on my own this year than in my past trips and enjoyed every second of it. Every dirt path, I’d ask Laura Anne Phillips, wonder what’s down there and away we go. These ventures found me some intimate encounters with wildlife and I will make this a part of every trip going forward.

Costa Rica as a country is beautiful, the scenery, the wildlife and views are magical. But I have to say, the people in the small communities are equally beautiful. Patient and accepting of visitors, kind and helpful at every opportunity. I enjoy the culture as much as the scenery I believe.

Also great seeing friends from Florida down at the same time and sharing fish stories with them. Capt Rick Ryals so good seeing you. Craig Sutton always a pleasure and we can’t wait to be back down.

Charlie Phillips

Everglades City, FL

August 22, 2019


Our last day in Costa Rica was an all day off shore fishing trip, and it was one of the best ones! Elizabeth Rasch and I both caught a Blue Marlin!!

Hers was 450 lbs and the biggest catch of the day out of all the boats! Took her an hour to get it in!!

Shortly after I got another Yellow Fin Tuna!!

This has been the most amazing trip of a lifetime!! I will be returning!!

Jess King and Elizabeth Rasch

Dayton, TX

August 22, 2019


Hi, Craig – I just posted a review on YELP but it doesn’t completely convey our trip…so here goes:

If you go to Costa Rica, do it the right way and have Craig and his team work with you to give you the experience of a lifetime!

First, the accommodations – we stayed in Casa Bonita. It was adorable – nice kitchen, fridge to keep those beers chilled and a beautiful patio (front & back). The surrounding gardens are gorgeous with lush, tropical landscaping and it feels like you’re in the jungle! The location is within walking distance to restaurants & shops!

Then the staff/team – OMG! Javier (and everyone in the office) as well as the drivers, boat captains, first mates — all treated us like royalty! They were accommodating in every way (they even helped us understand colones!). If we wanted to arrange a tour, we just stopped in the office and they handled everything — literally everything! Like clockwork, the van would be there the next morning to take us on our journey! They suggested restaurants to cook our catch (and we went to see more than once — that’s how good they were!). But let me get more specific:

Fishing! Really what can I say – we went the first day were were there. Van picked us up right at our room and took us to the beach where we got on a panga (new one for me!) out to the Harvester. I got a nice Wahoo and a Tuna! Captain Alex took excellent care of us, and along with an awesome lunch (prepared by Maria — who should give cooking classes to guests because I’d sign right up for that!). The guys in our group went out a second time and snagged their dream of Marlin and Sailfish.

We did the horseback tour with Eduardo. Again, not enough words to say about him and his family! The horses were picked for each of us (I got a nice calm one!). We went up and down the mountains, valley’s, etc. and ended up at beautiful waterfalls where Eduardo was sweet enough to take photos of us so we have memories of a lifetime! Then lunch — oh my! — Traditional in every way, cooked by his Mom! We needed a little siesta afterward BUT we hopped back on our horses and Eduardo finished the tour. He told us about his family, how they came to have this estate and he explained all along the way about foliage, the giant tree, and how his horse really doesn’t like the ‘iguana spot’! Another expedition I’ll never forget!

The Pacific Ocean is literally right down the street and is one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. This was a trip of a lifetime for us — and it did not disappoint!

Craig – thank you and your awesome team — for vacation memories that will last a lifetime (or until our next visit!)

Marie and Robert Cooper

Port Charlotte, FL

June 20, 2019


Just wanted to send a note letting you know we had a wonderful time fishing on the Discoverer with Captain Carlos and Kevin.

In three days we caught one sailfish, one Marlin, and a tuna. Lost the other Marlin at the boat … but it was still a great day!

You all did a great job and we had a great time!

Dee Wirsing

Port Charlotte, FL

April 29, 2019



Wanted to say Thank You for putting me together with Fico. Not very chatty but he put me 10 sailfish (8 landed) 1 Blue Marlin (landed) and a baby Wahoo (dinner).

My first billfish experience and I was blown away. A Danish buddy joined me on Saturday, zero saltwater fishing experience, as it turned out he got to fight the Marlin (my bucket list fish). Fish of a lifetime for him. That said I will be back to find that Marlin again.

Thanks again for a great two days of fishing.

Rick Noonan

Glouster, MA

March 10, 2019


Took my 6 year old son on his first offshore fishing trip with Alex on the Harvester. It was one hell of a day!

Captain and first mate Wilson worked hard to put us on fish… and they did!

Great lunch and friendly crew. Thanks Craig for a seemless experience.

Top notch.

Gage Bonestroo

Portales, NM

January 7, 2019


We had an awesome time…Fishing was the highlight.

Captain Carlos and Kevin were an excellent team and provided top tier service as we landed a tuna and 5 sailfish.

We had some great tuna sashimi and seared tuna steaks provided by the fish my daughter caught within the first 10 minutes of putting the lines out!

Laura Blair

Bethel, ME

December 27, 2018


I had an amazing experience with this company when I was in Costa Rica. They surpassed my expectations and helped make the already incredible experience a time I will never forget. My fondest memories will be the time spent on the Harvester with Captain Alex and first mate Wilson.

My group who joined me on this journey all work for a fishing charter company (Lady Pamela 2 Fishing Charters) in South Florida. We are avid fishermen who work on the water catching fish, everyday. It’s not only a passion, but a career. That being said, we all felt Captain Alex was by far one of the best we have ever seen. He has eyes like a hawk. He is quicker than a rattle snake. He is patient, eager and willing to teach the knowledge he has learned fishing the Pacific Ocean for almost his whole life to us fellow fishermen of Florida.

We fished three days out of our week stay. We decided to upgrade to a full eight hours for our last trip. That day we caught and released nine gorgeous sail fish. We caught everything from 75lb tuna to 15lb dorados out of our three trips, but the last day was by far an incredible experience. Our mate, Wilson, was extremely polite, helpful, and quick at getting the spread back out. I really can’t say enough about these gentlemen and how wonderful they are.

Our host, Craig, was very friendly an met us for our complementary breakfast just about every morning. (Breakfast was great by the way) he joined in on conversations with everyone staying at the little jungle town he created in Nosara. He was a great host an has built a phenomenal company.

We also did a horse back ride with Eduardo in the breath taking atmosphere that was surrounded by mountains, monkeys, waterfalls, flowers, incredible trees… (I could keep going) an we enjoyed every second of it! He matched all our personalities with each horse! They were well trained and taken care of. Eduardo was so sweet!! He told us all kinds of interesting facts about the jungle and the surrounding river. We rode up to his mothers house, where we were greeted with star fruit water, cold mountain water, and mouth watering sliced fruit. He showed us his gorgeous property and kept the interesting info about his culture an land going the whole time.

We then rode off again to several different waterfalls where we got to get wet with the horses and take awesome pictures. It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. We then traveled back to his mamas house, where we had hands down the best meal we ate our entire trip. Fresh green salad with the best avacado you’ll ever eat. Chicken that was clearly prepared that morning, home made potato chips, rice and beans… uh I want more just thinking about it. Then the coffee!!! Oh the coffee! Beans from their tree, freshly ground, that was just heavenly. They were warm hearted, kind, humble people whom I will never forget.

If you are looking to stay at a beautiful location, do some incredible big game fishing, and explore the wonders of the jungle on horseback.. you will have a life changing experience if you book a vacation trip with Fishing Nosara. You won’t want to leave!!!

Brittany Marie‎
Fort Lauderdale, FL
August 21, 2018


Just wanted to let you know that we had an incredibly amazing time on our fishing trip. I don’t think that it could have been any better.

Captain Carlos and Kevin were stellar – I would highly recommend that crew to anyone.

All 5 in our party caught fish and we were not expecting to. Kevin kept the boat very clean and tidy and made sure that we all had everything that we needed.

Lunch was excellent also, as was the fruit. We caught a mix of mahi-mahi and sailfish. We saw porpoises and turtles too.

Thanks so much!!!

Kathleen Clarke
Ottawa, ON
July 26, 2018



I returned last week from my trip to Nosara. Chet Jasak had booked the trip for us over a year and a half ago and it was great to finally get to go fish with your team in Costa Rica. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the trip and will recommend Fishing Nosara to everyone.

One of the guys we took fishing with us has ALS and his mobility and strength are not the best. Both Captain William and Captain Francisco really accommodated us so that we were able to help our friend Bob land both a Sailfish and Marlin.

Bob was a diver and commercial fisherman in his earlier years, we are all 71 or older, and as he said this was probably his last chance to catch a Sailfish or Marlin and Captains William and Francisco made it happen.

If Francisco wanted to he could have ended our day earlier but he hung in and we got the Sailfish at the end of the day. Captain William had to work the Wanderer over and over to keep the Marlin in position so Bob and I could get it landed. These men and their crew (Johnny and Elias) are much more than just employees, they have heart and your are blessed to have them on your staff.

Frank Bellizio
Tampa, FL
July 16, 2018


I just wanted to take the time to let you and your staff know that my group and I had the time of a lifetime!

From the fishing, to the breakfast and all of the accommodations, we enjoyed every second we spent at your paradise!

Your staff took customer service to the next level and the fishing is unlike I have ever encountered in the world.

I just wanted to again send you my thanks and on behalf of my group… PURA VIDA!!!

Bob Zuniga
Houston, TX
July 11, 2018


Just a note to let you know we had a great time in Nosara. As always your local staff were knowledgeable, accommodating and professional.

From Marias breakfast to the guys in the office, along with those behind the scenes it was a positive experience!

I can’t say enough about Captain Carlos and Mate Kevin, so glad they have been reunited as a team!

The fishing was good this time, but not great! However I have been spoiled with great fishing in Nosara so many times my expectations are too high.

I have fished around the world, but my number one destination has become Nosara…with FishingNosara.

Thanks to you and your staff.

Captain Paul Worthington
Hudson, FL
July 10, 2018


Craig & Matt,

Just wanted to say an enthusiastic THANK YOU for the incredible trip we had thanks to your team.

In 3 days (June 9,10,11) we got 3 Marlin (2 blue and a massive black!) 3 sailfish, a huge Dorado, and a good deal more Tuna and Mahi.

Thanks to Capt Alex and his hard working deck hand Wilson, I was able to cross Marlin off my bucket list of fish to catch… definitely a dream for me and I know I speak for all the guys in our group that it was definitely the fishing trip of a lifetime!

You could tell how passionate Alex was about fishing… his favorite thing to say after we brought in a catch was, “Let’s get another one!”

Pura Vida!

Jeff Broome
Jacksonville, FL
June 26, 2018



Best fishing trip EVER — and I got to enjoy it with Chloe and Sophie, my 4.5 year old daughters! William and Johnny were the best.

We fought through a slow morning with a huge Cubera snapping off on the reef to landing 3 Sailfish in the early afternoon (the first two being a double hookup which was super exciting) to be followed up with a monster Dorado on the way home.

My girls had the best time ever, as did I! Memories to last a lifetime. Thank you and your crew for being so accommodating! Can’t wait to come back and go out again!


Dan Bowman
Hampstead, NC
April 19, 2018



We had two great days with Alex on the Harvester.

Alex put in a lot of effort to get us fish on the fly rods. He also did a fabulous job making our kids feel like they were the center of his attention.

His willingness to share his knowledge of the fishery taught us a lot about blue water and inshore fishing. We all came away from our experience wishing we had far more time to spend in the Nosara area.

All my kids want to come back and fish again. I can’t ask for more than that. We intend to make it back soon.

Brendan Chenowith
February 20, 2018


My husband and I went out today on the Explorer.

We had an AMAZING time!!!

We ended the day with 6 Mahi Mahi caught with 1 Mahi Mahi, 1 tuna and 1 marlin getting away.

Phenomenal crew! We loved every minute of it!

Laura Price
Lexington, NC
December 5, 2017


We went with Captain William and his assistant, Johnny. They were very professional and ready to ensure we had a successful outing on May 12.

The weather was pretty sketchy but we were able to locate the fish and ended up with a freezer full of ahi and mahi mahi.

We cut our day short due to the weather but our crew was willing to stay out longer if we wanted to. Despite the weather, it was a great day!

Kevin Bahr
May 12, 2017


Please pass on to everyone behind the scenes our thanks and gratitude.

We (the husbands) had a killer time fishing with both Capt. William & Capt. Carlos … you too, Antonio!

We look forward to another trip (the husbands) in the future.


Pat Harrington
Houma, LA
May 7, 2017




What a great week of fishing!

6 Sailfish and several Dorado caught with two great crews. Awesome accommodations, and plenty of great people to meet. We will be back!

Mate Johnson was a blast to be around on the water.

Dustin Purvis
Crosby, TX
April 5, 2017


“Just wanted to let you know that my group and I (weather not withstanding) had a great time in Nosara.”

“The housing was clean, comfortable and well equipped. Your staff was pleasant and took very good care off us.”

“Although the weather didn’t cooperate with our stay, Cpt. Alex and Kevin managed to get us out the three days and found fish.”

“We all highly recommend your company.”

Ron Lard
September 15, 2016
King George, VA


“What a great trip! I’m an avid fisherman in Florida and the Bahamas, but this blew all of my other trips away. Everyone from Craig (owner / booking) to Matt and all of the captains & crew were great.”

“We fished 3.5 days and caught 26 billfish, 5 dorado (one at 60 lbs) and 16 yellowfin tuna… not to mention the cubera snapper, amberjack and other inshore fish. We fished mostly on the Wanderer, Harvester and Explorer. All were great, but my favorites were Capt William & first Mate Johnny (Wanderer) and the Captain Alex with first mate Kevin (Harvester).”

“We fished mostly ballyhoo with circle hooks offshore and all crews knew how to fish. Almost every captain spoke English too… which really helps. My favorite was when we found some bonito and slow trolled them for the marlin, larger sailfish and inshore for cubera.”

“Don’t be fooled by the rainy season… it produces offshore as well. I do not hesitate in recommending this group for a great fishing trip.”

“If you are looking to fish large sportfish boats with A/C…. this is not your trip. But if you want to catch the same quality and quantity of fish for 1/3 of the price… this is the trip. I can’t wait to book my next trip!”

“PS – lunch was included for our trips and was fantastic. Cooked by the local ladies and in classic Costa Rica style. Water and fresh fruit included too… just bring the beer, the sunscreen and the gopro / cameras!!”

Paul Reynolds
July 29, 2016
Winter Park, FL


“Great day on the water. Dreams came true on our trip to Nosara.”

“Thank you Captain William and mate Johnny for putting us on 7 beautiful sailfish and two tasty cubera snapper.

I can’t wait to go back!”


Adrian Paredes
July 13, 2016
Brownsville, TX

“Fishing in Costa Rica is awesome! If you every get the chance…..GO!!!! We doubled up twice and tripled once.

Caught a total of 20 sailfish on 30 bites. It takes a pretty good captain to get 3 sailfish to the boat at the same time and released”

“The first triple for the Harvester. (landed and released all three fish).

We also had two doubles (2nd & 3rd for Harvester) and the 1st time getting the 2 fish pictured together.

Captain Alex and mate Kevin did an awesome job and I highly recommend them if you ever get to fish in Costa Rica.” – Greg Tilley

“Alex and Kevin are the ticket! Great captain and mate combo! Keep up the good work!” – Todd Horton

Greg Tilley and Todd Horton
January 27, 2016
Chapel Hill, NC






Just wanted to let you know that we returned from our trip yesterday and had a great time.

The staff were outstanding both on the boats and in the office.  
We truly enjoyed our stay and look to return at some point in the future.  Possibly the fishing tournament in April.
Please let everyone one know that we really appreciated their hospitality.

Jon Branson
November 15, 2015
Friendswood, TX


“Today, with help from my Dad, I accomplished a fishing dream!”

“Together we caught a Billfish Grand Slam which means we caught three different species of Billfish in one day.”

“We caught a 200lb Blue Marlin, a 100lb Striped Marlin, and two Pacific Sailfish at 130lbs and at 80lbs!”

“It’s something to be proud of and always remembered and I couldn’t think of a better person to share it with than my dad!”

“Well, the father/son billfish beatdown in Costa Rica has come to a close. We finished the week with 1 blue marlin, 2 striped marlin, and 11 sailfish. I’m back in Atlanta safe and sound, I guess it’s time to go back to the real world.

Patrick Vincent
June 9, 2015
Acworth, GA

“After reading an article in Florida Sportsman a few months back, 3 of us booked a 5 day trip with Nosara Paradise Rentals. We flew into Liberia airport on May 28th and took the 2 1/2 hour drive to Nosara. It is a very remote resort with the last 20 miles being a slow drive due to gravel pot hole ridden roads. Each day we woke up at 6am to a full breakfast of eggs, bacon, cereal, yogurt an fruit. We came back to a clean house and washed/folded laundry.”

“We did a 3 full day offshore trip on the Wanderer, a 31′ T-craft, with William and Alex. I couldn’t be happier with the experience we had with those two. On day 1 they picked us up at 615am and drove us to the bay. We took a small craft out to the Wanderer where we headed out each day. We went out to the fishing grounds where they looked for schools of bait, dolphins feeding or floating debris.”

“The first catch of the day was an 80 or so pound Sailfish that I hooked into. What a great way to start the day out. We came across a piece of debris and caught numerous small yellowfin tuna as bait. A little while later, BAM!! A Blue Marlin. After a good 45 minute fight we landed him.”

“The rest of the day we caught numerous small YellowFin which made great boat side shashimi and dinner that night.”

“On Day 2, we headed out at the usual time and headed out looking bait fish. Soon, we found a huge pod of dolphins and birds feeding. It was a sight worth seeing. So, we trolled live bait and ballyhoo and caught 3 30-40 pound yellowfins at the same time. A TRIPLE HOOKUP!”

“A little later we had a double hook up that resulted in the biggest tuna I’ve ever had on a line. About 10 minutes in it shook the hook. I was a little disappointed but, it was a big change from what we usually catch from kayaks here in S. FL. The rest of the day was spent catching small tuna which resulted in seared tuna and shashimi for dinner the next two nights.”

“On the final day, we headed out and slammed a 100-120 pound spearfish. Which is one beautiful and colorful to see coming up from the water. We later found some dolphin feeding and spent a couple of hours catching eight 10-15 pound yellowfins.”

“We started heading in for the day and Alex spotted a log floating that was covered in bait.”

“They went out of their way to try to land us another Marlin. After we caught a few tuna, we rigged them up and trolled for Marlin. About 40 minutes in we hooked a 400 plus pound Blue Marlin. It was some of the most magnificent jumps I had seen in a while. After a brief 20 minute fight I landed the biggest fish yet.”

“A perfect end to a amazing offshore trip. A big thanks to Alex and William for a memorable experience.”

Andre Carbo
June 3, 2015
Oakland Park, FL


Just wanted to let you guys know our trip to Nosara was wonderful.

On Sunday 8 Feb on the Discoverer we raised over 20 Sail Fish Caught 11 out of 15.

We had 3 on at once and landed all 3 it was fantastic!

Staying at Nosara Paradise rentals was also great. The complete staff was great!”
Can’t wait to come back.
PURA VIDA!!!!!!!!!!

Kenny Ray
Eagle River, AK
February 8, 2015


Can’t wait to tell you all about the trip.  William and Alex will always be number one to us…..just way too much fun in a week!!  We finally captured the elusive rooster fish, the morning Andy was on his way to the airport….laughed about that!

Have some great underwater shots we took with the gopro too!  Total count for the week is 21 sails released (could have been more, but we targeted Marlin our last day with four teasers and one big lure…..no Marlin but no worries…….too much fun trying!)

The second day we fished and released 10 sails (once again, if we wanted more it would have been no problem, but we wanted to enjoy one fish at a time because Alexa and Crystian had never done it).  We did reel up a double with Andy and Minton because we could!  Best family vacation ever!

Becky Hogan
Mayport, FL
January 24, 2015



Our group had a great fishing experience during the week of January 18, 2015.  

Our group included an 84 year old, a  74 year old (me), two 66 year olds, a 63 year old and a 41 year old. (Feel free to advertise in the AARP magazine.) 

Our crew, Captain David and 1st Mate Juan-Carlos, was top notch. 
The Discoverer was a pristine vessel and the equipment was in excellent condition.
Our catch record included: 6 sails, 1 striped marlin (in the photo on the latest FishingNosara report – the angler was 84 year old Ed Malinowski) 2 blue marlin (1 hook up and one leader touch), 5 yellow fin tuna, many Mahi-Mahi and 1 Cubera snapper.
We had a leader touch on the snapper but Captain David said it doesn’t count (we are still taking credit for it).
Until next year, Pura vida!

Robert Preston
Sun City Center, FL
January 18, 2015


Great trip on the Discoverer yesterday.  

My two sons and I caught 3 sailfish (one was 100 lbs), and 5 large dorado.  

Captain David and Juan Carlos were the best.

Could not have asked for a better time.  

We will be back. 

Ray Anderson
Hinsdale, IN
December 31, 2014


This was the third time fishing and staying in Nosara. Great time, every time.

Went on the Wanderer for 3 half days. First day 4 sails until we found a pod of dolphin with yellowfins mixed in.

Caught a 60 pounder while trolling and a smaller one on a popper. We only took 2 bags of tuna and had enough for 4 dinners.

Second trip was live baiting on the reef. Lost 2 snappers but caught 3 rooster fish.

Third trip off shore again. Caught several sail fish and a nice dorado for dinner.

Best part was that the crew, Alex and William, would let me hook the fish.

Usually the crew will catch and then handover the rod. Alex saw that I had some fishing experience and trusted my judgment which paid off.

Went with my wife and 15 year old daughter and we all had a blast. See you again next year!

Oh, did I mention how affordable all this is 🙂

Hendrik Engel
Fairhope, AL
December 22, 2014

Hi Craig,

We had a great day of fishing on Dec. 1, 2014 aboard the Wanderer with Captain William and First mate Alex.

Those guys are real pros and had us on fish most of the day.

Caught 4 Dorado and 6 Sailfish and we appreciated the concern Alex had for the well being of the Sailfish keeping them out of the water only long enough for the photos.

Thanks for a memorable day. We hope to return.


Larry Macinnis
St. Augustine, FL
December 1, 2014

Hi Craig,

This fishing trip was my first and it was amazing. 

Got surrounded by almost 500 dolphins at first and then they got us at the right spot to bring out a 450lbs. Blue marlin!

The team was really nice and the boat was perfect.

Amazing day out, thanks FishingNosara!


Sebastien Bire
Saint Bruno, QC
July 20, 2014

Hi Craig,

Sorry it has taken so long to get in touch with you, but since our return from Costa Rica, things around here have been a bit hectic.

I really want to say that all of us had a GREAT TIME staying in the house you provided, along with all of the amenities. The two days of fishing with Capt. William and Alex were excellent and will not soon be forgotten.

Landing the 400# Marlin was a dream come true and one of the more exciting things that I have done in my 72 years on this earth.

My sister was also “as pleased as punch” as were the rest of us when she landed the 30# Mahi-Mahi, which by the way provided all of us an excellent meal.

I will / have recommend(ed) you and your facilities, to anybody who wants to experience a truly great time fishing for the big ones.

Not only was the fishing great, but the horseback riding safari trip was a very memorable and enjoyable experience.

Edwardo was a great guide, and his family was a delight to meet. The house was beyond our expectations and the breakfast service was wonderful. You truly have some very good personnel working for you.

I am truly great full to you for having offered and then provided the best prize that I have ever won.

In fact, prior to winning the raffle at the Expo, I would always tell people “that if it wasn’t for my bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all”. I can no longer say that. I know my children, sister and niece all had one of the best times of their life, and are already talking of going back.

Again, a GREAT BIG THANK YOU, for a wonderful time had by all.

Willard (Will) Richards
Ft. Myers, FL
May 28, 2014


Getting back to reality really sucks. After arriving back home and climbing into my bed at 2am, only to get up at 5am to get back to the grind made me appreciate my short trip to Nosara even more.

We all had a great time and I have to say you truly run a First Class operation!

From arrival to departure, all was seamless; shuttle service, office staff, house crew, and of course the top notch crew of the Discoverer.

I have to tip my hat to Captain David and Mate Kevin.

I have fished on many boats all over and would certainly put them up against anyone. I was particularly impressed as well with Kevin, it’s no easy task working the deck on a sport fishing boat and he handled it with the expertise of someone twice his age..

Great personable guys who work hard to make your customers happy; catching fish was just a bonus.

I want to thank you again for everything and I hope to be back soon for some more of Jenny’s Mahi Cerviche.

Pura Vida!

Chris McLaughlin
Yonkers, NY
May 24, 2014

Dear Craig and Matty,

Curtis and I had a “once in a lifetime” trip to your place in Nosara! The fishing trips were fabulous with Capt. David & Kevin on the barroom brawler Explorer (10 sails total for Chuck) and Capt. Carlos on the “pocket knife” Adventurer. 

I caught 3 sails on the Explorer and five bonitas and one tuna on the Adventurer.

What a special treat to see the beautiful reefs jut out of the Blue Pacific (which I had never seen before).

We also took a horseback ride with Rafael and had lunch with Jesus, his Mama.  She prepared a delicious native lunch, and it was a pleasure meeting them both.

Also, Cumi, Marino, Javier and Ahias took great care of us!  I would be remiss without saying how much we adored Freddie and Jenny, too.  Freddie hauled us to and from the boats to Garza, Jenny did our laundry and cleaned up Casa Jardin during the week, and Jenny had fried chicken as a treat on one of our fishing trips. 

Everyone was very amenable to answering any questions we had.  We put several miles on the Safari Cart, and our transfers to and from the San Jose airport were impeccable.  One big happy family.

It was an amazing adventure which we will always cherish.  You run a top-notch operation, and we will recommend Paradise Rentals & Fishing Nosara to anyone who is headed to Costa Rica.  Best wishes in your future endeavors and your new boat, the Discoverer.  Thanks again for everything!!”

Liz and Curtis “Chuck” Coley
Jacksonville, Florida
April 18, 2014

Hello Craig,

I just wanted to send you an email and thank you for the top notch charter.

David and his deckhand [Kevin] on the Explorer were great.

They are very focused, knowledgeable, and easy going.

The boat was absolutely spotless!

They obviously take great pride in what they do and represent FishingNosara very well.

The fishing was great as well.

We landed 5 sailfish (1 at the leader and 4 at the boat) in a spectacular day of fishing.

Thanks again,


Joe and Nancy Rodriguez
Tampa, FL
March 3, 2014


Good morning Craig!

Before 2013 disappears completely over the horizon, I just wanted to drop you a note and say thank you to you and your crew in Nosara. You have a first class, professional,operation in Costa Rica and as you know from the photographs/blog we had an amazing trip.

Both Captains and Mates are to be congratulated. For my son, his 21st birthday will never be forgotten

Best wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous 2014!

Roger Bowgen
Greenwich, CT
January 8, 2014


SIX Pacific Sail Fish on the Explorer with Capt David and First Mate Kevin in one day, followed by TWO Pacific Blue Marlin releases with Capt William and First Mate Alex the next day out!!! OUTSTANDING!!! We WILL BE BACK!! Amazing fishery, amazing people!! William, Alex, David and Kevin were professional in every way. See y’all again soon!!!

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Laura McLean Phillips: “The crew of the Wanderer is AMAZING! These guys know how to make some memories.”

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Things I learned in Costa Rica
Catching Bonita on light tackle is FUN!!!!
Catching Mahi is A LOT of FUN!!
Catching Pacific Sailfish on Catfish gear is GREAT Fun!!!
Catching 400# Pacific Blue Marlin on 30# test after fighting it for 1 1/2 hours is BRUTAL!! MUCHO respect for the Blue Marlin…Now where did I put that IcyHot…..

-Jason Kintner

Charlie Phillips: Today was an epic end to a fantasy week for me. I battled the most noble of the billfish, the majestic Blue Marlin, and was rewarded with a photo, the hook removed and in my pocket then a successful release. One of the best days I have ever experienced on the water. And better yet we ended up two!

Charlie Phillips: “This was by far the most enjoyable vacation that myself or anyone in my group has ever experienced. Your staff is wonderful and took care of us as though we were family the entire time, something that is greatly appreciated. And your captains and crews are true masters of their craft. As a working captain myself, it is a true joy watching them work to make our trips a great success.”

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Captain Charlie Phillips
Everglades, Florida
August 1, 2013

Hi Craig,

I enjoyed the Wanderer 4 days and and only switched from David on the Explorer the last day (after they slammed the yellowfin I may add) to chase that Marlin dream.

I saw her, I hooked her, I fought her, she jumped a lot, Alex the mate and I landed her, then I jumped up and down like a 12 year old!!!!!

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

“I did it, I won, 400 lb Blue Marlin. Now a bottle of Advil and an Imperial!

“Thanks to Alex for all the coaching and talk of techniques and information of the entire fishery. We enjoyed our entire visit. Well done NPR!”

Dave Wenzel
Jacksonville, FL
July 10, 2014

Hey Craig,

Just a quick note to say thanks to you and everyone at Fishing Nosara and Nosara Paradise Rentals. We all had a wonderful time.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThe people there are the best. You, my friend, run a great operation.

Everything was done just as planned. The people on the ground are so friendly and we never had to worry about a thing.

Even the final transport from Arenal to San Jose was like clockwork and the driver was great.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usYou can’t mess with Mother Nature. The fishing was pretty slow to start as the weather didn’t cooperate much for the first and third day of fishing.

Of course, the last day of fishing was beyond my wildest expectations! I was hoping for a sail but didn’t really expect an opportunity for marlin.

The marlin has always been one of those “must” experiences for me.

Not only did I get to experience it, my family did too! No photo or video can come close to the experience of seeing and feeling the power and majesty of that fish.

I look forward to recommending Nosara to everyone I know.

We all can’t wait to come back.

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From Vicki, Elizabeth, Chuck IV and me, Pura Vida!

Yours truly,

Chuck Elzer
Bradenton, Florida
July 1, 2013

Hi Matty,

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usWe had a great time fishing!

William and Alex were so good at their jobs. They keep the boat and their equipment tip-top.

Your staff was so helpful and willing to answer all our questions.

We really enjoyed Freddie who drove us to the airport and to the boat.

Tell Craig when he gets the new boat finished, William should get it. He is an outstanding Captain.

Thanks for the great trip.

Janet Storey
Moorehaven, Florida
May 30, 2013

Hey Craig,

Just wanted to say thanks!

I had a great time in Nosara and catching a Sailfish on my birthday was the icing on the cake!

You have a great staff working for you, hats off to all of them!

Carlos did an awesome job of putting me on the fish.

Mark Applegate
Forked River, New Jersey
April 19, 2013

Hello Craig,

Just wanted to thank you and all you’re staff for an outstanding vacation.This was our first time to Costa Rica, and we did not know what to expect.

Everything was beyond expectations. From the moment we were picked up at airport by Freddy until we landed back home, everything was top notch.

Captain David and mate Carlos worked tirelessly to make sure our fishing trips were a success, putting us on sailfish, tuna, and numerous bottom fish. We were also lucky to catch a giant grouper.

Back at the house, Javier, Alejandro, Marino, Jenny, and the rest of your staff couldn’t do enough for us. They all made us feel right at home. Looking forward to hopefully going back next year and staying longer than a week and fishing for more than four days.

Thank everyone again for me.

John Rozas and Liz Pease
Staten Island, New York
March 29, 2013

Hi Craig,

Hello Matty and Craig,

I want to apologize as this email is long overdue. We rented Casa Privada on December 19, 2012 to January 5, 2013 and I wanted to say thank you very much for the awesome experience.

It is by far the best vacation that my family and I have ever had and we can’t wait to do it again.

There are too many experiences to pick a favourite but definitely the Horseback Riding and Fishing are top two.

The experience was made even better by the treatment received from Javier and his team and especially Eduardo who we have come to view as a family member.

Our nights were not complete unless we got a chance to see Eduardo walking the grounds to make sure all was under control.

We are planning to come back December 2014 for Christmas and New Years again and will be booking with you early 2014.

We can’t wait to get back as this is our number one destination for vacations in the future.

Again thank you so much for the great memories and experiences.

Pura Vida

Greg Watson
Guelth, Ontario, Canada
March 28, 2013