February 24, 2021

From the “Small World” department:

Dan Johnson from Hatteras was happy to welcome his new friend Antonio Carrillo to fish with him on Wednesday the 24th

They met at the immigration line in Liberia airport last year while Dan was wearing a Fishing Nosara shirt when Antonio called him next in line
After many questions from Antonio, Dan said he fishes with Fishing Nosara and William Mendoza is my captain of many years

Antonio quickly said he is my father

It’s a small world
Dan has been trying to get Antonio to fish with him on a day off from the immigration police and it worked out great to fish with his father.

On, the Wanderer welcomed this most distinguished guest on February 24.

This may be a vacation for Officer Carillo, but the same can’t be said for the fish…the family scored over ten Red Groupers, plus a nice Yellowfin Tuna.

This trip was a ‘who’s who’ of local talent. Captain Fico of the Explorer came along, also a guest of Mr. Dan Johnson.

The fishing karma was so good that they scored a double Grouper catch even though the snap swivel was left unbuckled.

Near-shore Sailfish release were a welcome diversion.

Also Captain Fico scored an outstanding Yellowfin Tuna.

Here is Father and Son with an excellent Dorado:

“With the best Captain, my father.” Antonio posted.

February 23, 2021

Justin Harmening bulldozed his way into the FishingNosara Hall of Fame with a magficient THIRTEEN Sailfish release performance on February 23.

To say that these fish were aggressive is an understatement. Captain Alex could barely get the spread deployed before a bait got wrecked by a hard-charging Sailfish.

Team Harmening handled multiple hook-ups throughout the day. Great work by the crew to keep these fights organized and the lines un-tangled.

All this reeling can work up a mighty appetite, but this nearly 70lbs. Dorado should help with the hunger.

A few smaller Dorados rounded out the meat haul.

February 21, 2021

The Discoverer welcomed some ladies from the Yoga Paradise Retreat led by Beverly Brown, Belinda Taylor, and Carla Kemp on February 21.

Several nice Sailfish releases provided great memories for this group.

Also they nagged this excellent Dorado for the dinner table.

Big fish and big smiles is what we love to see!




Fish Tacos anyone?

February 16, 2021

Certain anglers want to micromanage their trip (inshore for 1.5 hours, troll for 2hr, cast for 45 minutes, etc.) and a common response is  to “take what the ocean gives you.”

Phil Egan learned this lesson from the sea on February 16. Here is his account:

“So, our little 2.5 hour 3-5:30 snorkeling trip turned into quite an experience. Green water and swells over the reef turned the snorkeling into a bust. We then turned offshore to see if we could have the kids spot some dolphins – that was a bust too.”

“After about 45mins searching, the guys then said “how about some fishing”. Um….sure! We ended up snagging 2 sails – so much fun.

“And then with the sun going going down and the guys taking in lines – the last remaining line in the water – port outrigger – blows up. Bring in a beautiful ~40 lb dorado!”

“Can’t wait for the Thursday trip!”