November 14, 2018

Captain Alex had a bountiful trip on November 14 with angler Matthew Tolley reeling in multiple nice Sailfish.

These pelagics were lined up like a column of soldiers, keeping Captain Alex and Mr. Tolley busy all day long.

Most importantly, all of these monsters were safely handled and released, due to the care expressed by Mate Wilson and Captain Alex.

It wasn’t all trophy fish releases. Matthew went home with a big bag of fish filets thanks to these delicious Dorados.

Great work by the mega panga Harvester!

November 8, 2018

The Harvester was back in action on the 8th, and even though the bite slowed down a little there was still consistent action. This Sailfish was released in the morning by the mega panga:

Then throughout the rest of the day the nabbed four Dorados.

These big meaty monsters combined well with the mountain of Mahi-Mahi they caught earlier in the week.

November 6, 2018

Captain Alex kicked off his season with John Purdy,  John Van Diver, Mike Pickelsimer and Dale McElroy reporting eleven sweet Dorados on ice.

The Harvester has been itching for action, and found what they were looking for as these monsters topped out at 60lbs.

They caught so many that Captain Alex chose to release this big one so as not to hurt the fish stock.

Great work by Captain Alex and the Harvester!

August 26, 2018

Captain Alex continued his run of hot fishing on August 26 with a bevy of Sailfish releases backed up by Dorados and Yellowfin Tunas.

Mulitple Sailfish were caught during this quick 5-hour trip.

Big Dorados came calling later in the morning.

The final fish of the day was this nice Yellowfin Tuna caught on spinning tackle.

Great work by the mega panga Harvester.

August 25, 2018

Captain Alex entered the closing stretch of the white-hot August bite with a wonderful Blue Marlin release on the 25th.

Angler Stuart Smith bested this bad boy, and it was just the beginning of a banner day.

Captain Alex handled the safe release, complete with his signature move: the Kiss Goodbye:

A big Yellowfin Tuna came along, and then a nice team of Dorados also found the fishbox.


As if there arms weren’t worn out by this time, a paid of late-day Sailfish came calling and fought bravely all the way to the safe releases.

Awe-inspiring day on the water by the mega panga Harvester!