July 19, 2018

The white-hot billfish bite continued on July 19 with Captain Alex reporting a mammoth day for angler Steve Balz and his boys. This monster Blue Marlin was the highlight of the trip:

The Marlin was backed-up by this great Sailfish release:

Of course the boys didn’t go home empty-handed, as a squad of tasty Dorados found their way to the fishbox.

Awesome work by the mega panga Harvester.

July 15, 2018

Lee Ann Martin was on the receiving end of great fishing action with multiple fun catches on the Harvester.

These nice (but blurry) Sailfish release shots were saved by the fact that Gail Burton took her own pictures…this is why it’s always smart to bring your own camera.

Later the group belted up for a bunch of Yellowfin Tuna catches.

Multiple simultaneous hook up led to several nice specimens on ice.

“We had the best time fishing yesterday!” Lee Ann sent us in an email. “Our Captain Alex was amazing! We caught lots of tuna & my sister got to reel in a sail fish!”

July 4, 2018

Mark Andrews’ group was back on July 4 and as part of their Independence Day celebration they liberated this massive 42lbs. Dorado from the sea.

This floor sweeper was backed up with another monster Mahi Mahi

Several big Yellowfin Tunas were also added to this mix; a great follow up to their Ahi haul from earlier in the week.

Finally, Mark got hooked into a BIIIIGGG Black Marlin with a spinning reel.

Wait a minute…how is he trying to fight a Marlin with a spinning reel? What could possibly lead someone into bringing a knife to a bazooka fight?

Oh, well that explains it. Anyhow the Black Marlin only fought for a few moments before it spit the hook.

Still, a great day from the Harvester!

Here’s the message Mark sent us: “Just wanted to thank everyone involved for such a great vacation. Great place to visit, great fishing, and wonderful people in Costa. Debra and myself had a great time. Thanks so much.”

Mark Andrews
Jacksonville, FL
July 15, 2018