July 21, 2019

Captain Alex has built a reputation of delivering once-in-a-lifetime catches for his clients. On July 21 James Stewart and Jim Boyle got TWO such experiences.

These monstrous Yellowfin Tuna would be a life-changing catch on its own, but it was forgotten almost immediately due to this Double Sailfish release:

July 19, 2019

Erik Hunter and his family drove down from Tamarindo on July 19 for a quick fishing trip, and despite the slow start (traffic, y’all) they still scored big.

Early meat fish catches got the team limbered up for battle, which came in the afternoon thanks to a swarm of Sailfish.

“Here was Erik’s email to us: “I just want to thank you guys for an awesome fishing trip yesterday. We caught a lot of fish! Alex and his crew were amazing and very good at fishing.”

“We had 4 Sailfish releases, 3 Mahi one 34lbs and two yellowfin. Lost two more Sailfish and one stud yellowfin.”