March 14, 2019

Katie Paulsen’s group returned to the Wanderer on the 14th and had a great day with wide variety of catches.

This tasty Dorado broke the ice early on, then Team Paulsen belted up to battle some nice Sailfish.

They totaled three Sailfish releases on this trip.

A surprise Yellowfin Tuna was caught late in the day; a sign of things to come as we enter our second high season this month.


February 3, 2019

The Explorer had a banner day on February 3 with angler Brendan Champagne and his group nagging a wide variety of species.

This rocking Rooster Fish release headlined a day that also included a super Sailfish release:

Then the barroom brawler headed to the meat market. The first filets in the basket were these Dorado:

Then it was Yellowfin Tuna time!

Adding to the filet diversity was this awesome Cubera Snapper:

Excluding Marlin, this trip featured pretty much every major species in our fishery…all in a days work for Captain Fico, Mate Elias, and the multi-faceted Explorer

February 2, 2019

Wanna skip Sea World? Check out this pod of Orca playing around with 32 foot Harvester. You never know what you’ll see offshore of Nosara…Great to see these beauties in the wild.

After this fun nature sighting, the Harvester got down to business with Craig Sutton and Rodger Dwork reporting excellent fishing results.

These Dorados are a treat, but nothing compared to these big swole Yellowfin Tunas:

Great work by Captain Alex and the Mega Panga.