May 19, 2020

For the first time in 59 days we have a fishing report to share with the people. The motor on the Explorer has been repaired, but of course she needed a quick water test.

Captain Alex took the helm for the test drive and was joined by Javier and Freddy for a 2 hour tour. They threw out the ceder plugs and the Yella Fellas couldn’t resist.

Clearly the fish missed us, because the boys boated THIRTY Yellowfin Tunas as fast as they could reel.

Do the math: 4 minutes per fish is world-class angling!

These filets will keep the team motivated on their construction projects, and remind us why we work so hard. What a blessing to get back out on the water!

February 22, 2020

The mighty flagship Wanderer welcomed John and Nancy Shellhorn’s group for a fantastic day of action on the 22nd.

Joined by Jim Freyburger and Mary Burnett, they nagged five Sailfish releases and six Yellowfin Tunas.

Both of the ladies had never caught billfish before, but that’s a distant memory now.