April 13, 2017

Gene and Betty Baker scored the fish-of-a-lifetime on the 13th with Captain Alex and Mate Kevin.

This big bad Black Marlin put on a show as she came into the boat, but Captain Alex’ boat handling skill kept the fight short and safe.

Excellent fish handling by Mate Kevin means that we’ll see this monster again in the future.

Later in the morning Betty brought home dinner with this excellent Yellowfin Tuna.

March 29, 2017

Bob Rhinehart came to the Explorer looking to fill the fish box, and he got as that he asked for.

The big filets came in the form of big Yellowfin Tuna backed up a fat Dorado…excellent work!

Bob returned the next day for another foray into the blue water. The bite was slow early in trip, but heated up in a big way in the afternoon.

This Dorado hit at 4:45pm and even though it was late, Captain Fico knew they were on the right spot.

Less than an hour later this Striped Marlin took the bait at 5:25pm

From striking out to hitting a home run all within one hour…persistence pays!

March 15, 2017

Philip Rivera and his family joined Captain Alex for the beginning of a double-day of fishing on March 15. The morning half of the day was highlighted by this excellent Sailfish release:

Then in the afternoon Jasper Buchbauer came aboard for a Yellowfin Tuna rally.

Persistence pays, and this late-day monster proves that the best fish of the day is often the last fish of the day: