May 21, 2018

The Wanderer split their last day with Jake Jump’s group between inshore and offshore action. Early in the day they braved intermittent rains to snag two excellent Rooster Fish releases.

Afterwords they went offshore and found a pair of sweet meat fish; these Dorados and Yellowfin Tunas aren’t exactly scale-tippers, but they all look good on the dinner plate.

Great work by the flagship Wanderer!

May 2, 2018

The offshore bite has been on fire the last few days, and it looks like our Captains’ sharing of knowledge is paying off big time.

The Harvester called up Captain Fico on his phone and let him know that the big action was going on a dozen miles out in the blue water.

Angler Nicholas Grothe was the beneficiary of this action and scored multiple Sailfish releases backed up with perfect-for-eating Yellowfin Tunas filets.

April 25, 2018

Dan Bowman and his girls had such a good time on the Wanderer on April 19 that he signed up for a return engagement on the morning of April 25 with the Explorer.

Well it turns out lightning can strike twice, as proved by this grand array of fresh fish filets.

For the afternoon session, Captain Fico welcomed Shawn Cline and Philip Yim. They also found great blue water success on the Super Panga.

This super Sailfish release was backed up by more nice Yellowfin Tunas.

Awesome work by Captain Fico and the Explorer.

April 24, 2018

FishingNosara Hall of Famer Chuck Darner invited Florida Sportsman Radio host Roger Walker for a fun week of action.

After lighting it up on the Harvester on the 23rd, they moved up to the Wanderer for a productive day offshore on the 24th. Roger got it started with this nice big Dorado.

Chris nabbed this schoolie Dorado, then hooked up a nice Sailfish.

Nice clean release by Mate Johnson of this monsters.

Then Captain William headed offshore and pursued a big school of porpoises. When they are packed in this thick you know that there is something tasty just beneath the surface.

Chuck Darner got in on the feeding frenzy with this sweet Dorado.

Then Roger Walker got in on the action with this beefy Yellowfin Tuna, clearly the best fish of the day:

Near the end of the day Chris hooked up another big Sailfish, which put on an aerial display on the way to a safe release.

Great work by Captain William to deliver the goods for these Northeast Florida angling legends.