April 17, 2019

The Wanderer continued her hot fishing in mid-April with Jeff Kirk, Tyson Muenich, and Brad Taylor scoring big on multiple species.

A trio of Sailfish releases marked up the scorecard early in the 8-hour trip, and was also augmented by this nice-sized Yellowfin Tuna:

The final hurrah was this sweet Rooster fish release, scored late in the day much closer to shore than the earlier catches.

Fantastic work by Captain William and the mighty flagship Wanderer!

March 15, 2019

Captain Fico kept scored throughout the month of March…check out this great array of catches from the 15th. They started with a nice Rooster Fish release by Kyle Sever.

Then they nabbed the elusive Blue Jack Crevalle, a rarity for this area and the source of amazing ceviche.

Team Sever then headed offshore and scored this excellent Sailfish release.

Our great friend Mark Cooney was on board and our Northeast Representative added to his legend with this another Sailfish release.

March 12, 2019

John and Alice Hagaman joined the Brent Cockerham group for a blistering day of action on the Harvester, highlighted by a swarm of Rooster Fish releases.

While they were offshore they nabbed several nice Dorados for the dinner table.

The cherry on top of this sundae was this beautiful Rooster Fish release.

Great work by Captain Alex!

March 9, 2019

We are so close to the blue water that sometimes real magic can happen. Consider this report from March 9:

Rick Noonan headed offshore about 10 miles to the deep blue water, and immediately started scoring billfish.

Several nice Sailfish releases were backed up by a feisty Striped Marlin release.

Rather than stay offshore to pursue another Marlin (thus securing the ultra-rare Billfish Grand Slam), Captain Fico headed inshore and scored another trophy: This excellent Rooster fish.

The Explorer continues to amaze!

February 22, 2019

New Jersey angler Jack Herzlinger was super-excited to get fishing after purchasing his trip 18 months ago at the Saltwater Sportsman Expo in Edison, NJ.

Turns out it was worth the wait as the Harvester reports several super Sailfish releases.

They also added some tasty Dorados for the dinner table.

As a final send-off, they scored a wonderful Rooster Fish release for the trophy room. First they picked up this big Bonita:

Then they put a hook in the Bonita and sent it to the bottom, where this monster Rooster fish engulfed it.

Great job by Jack Herzlinger and the mega panga Harvester!