February 16, 2020

Steven Nelson’s group and the Wanderer battled big billfish on February 16.

These blue-water beasts were charged up and ready for action, but the mighty flagship was up to the challenge.

The highlight was this very challenging Double Sailfish release.

Excellent work by Master Captain William to outmaneuver this pair and Mate Elias to handle the double release safely.

August 14, 2019

The Wanderer welcomed Andrew Pereira and the crew from Stoked on Fishing TV for the first of several trips with FishingNosara.

Captain William got them acclimated to the blue water with a couple early Sailfish release.

The next pair of fish should keep the refrigerator full: a nice Yellowfin Tuna and a MASSIVE Dorado.

The highlight of the day was a double Sailfish hookup and dual release.

Great work by Master Captain William and Mate Elias to safely handle and release both billfish.