September 6, 2018

The Discoverer is powering through the so-called rainy season with a great day of fishing with angler Ken Burns on September 6. The highlight of the day was this beautiful Blue Marlin.

They also scored a nice Double Sailfish release:

They added one more Sailfish near the end of the trip.

Amazing work by big battleship Discoverer!

August 25, 2018

Captain Alex entered the closing stretch of the white-hot August bite with a wonderful Blue Marlin release on the 25th.

Angler Stuart Smith bested this bad boy, and it was just the beginning of a banner day.

Captain Alex handled the safe release, complete with his signature move: the Kiss Goodbye:

A big Yellowfin Tuna came along, and then a nice team of Dorados also found the fishbox.


As if there arms weren’t worn out by this time, a paid of late-day Sailfish came calling and fought bravely all the way to the safe releases.

Awe-inspiring day on the water by the mega panga Harvester!



August 9, 2018

The Sailfish swarmed during early August, and Captain Alex led the charge with an excellent seven release day on August 9.

This Double Sailfish release was quite a challenge, but Mate Wilson coordinated with Captain Alex wonderfully and kept these fish separate and safe.

The sustained Sailfish attack continued all morning and the crew chalked up the scoreboard several times.

Great work to keep these fights short and sweet, ensuring the safety and survival of the fish.

A man can work up quite a hunger with all this action, so wouldn’t it be nice to catch something to eat?

Yes….yes it is.

This monster deck-sweeping Dorado even impressed Captain William on the Wanderer (see backround), who came by to see for himself.

Amazing day by the mega panga!


July 31, 2018

Captain Alex took Daniel Stapinski and his group out for a 5 hour half day, but the shortened day didn’t dampen the Harvester‘s ‘Never Surrender’ spirit.

A true Double Sailfish hook-up was the highlight of the trip.

Great work by Captain Alex to deftly handle the double capture, and then hand them off to Mate Wilson in order to take the photo.

Seeing double?

Also a great solo Sailfish release was executed during the trip.

Amazing fishing in short order by the mega panga Harvester!

June 11, 2018

Jeff Broome posted the trip of the year so far with Captain Alex on June 11. First off was a true Double Sailfish release.

After the safe release of both fish, they added a third Sailfish for good measure.

Then the real monster came calling as the Harvester reports another MASSIVE Marlin release (the second in two days):



Amazing work by Captain Alex, Mate Wilson, and these Jacksonville anglers.

Here’s what Jeff had to say in an email:

Craig & Matt,

Just wanted to say an enthusiastic THANK YOU for the incredible trip we had thanks to your team.  In 3 days (June 9,10,11) we got 3 Marlin (2 blue and a massive black!) 3 sailfish, a huge Dorado, and a good deal more Tuna and Mahi. 
Thanks to Capt Alex and his hard working deck hand Wilson, I was able to cross Marlin off my bucket list of fish to catch… definitely a dream for me and I know I speak for all the guys in our group that it was definitely the fishing trip of a lifetime! 
You could tell how passionate Alex was about fishing… his favorite thing to say after we brought in a catch was, “Let’s get another one!”

Pura Vida!

Jeff Broome
Jacksonville, FL
June 26, 2018

May 22, 2018

On May 22, Karen and Chris Lawrence pulled off one of the great feats in blue water fishing: the DOUBLE SAILFISH Release.

This challenge involves keeping both fish separated during the fight so they don’t cut off the lines, and masterfully boat- and fish-handling.

Great work by the dynamic duo of Captain Carlos and his little brother Mate Kevin!

Later in the day filled up the fishbox with these tasty Dorados.

Awesome job from two of our favorite Texas anglers.

March 19, 2018

Andy Nuber pulled off one of the toughest feats in blue water fishing: The Double Sailfish release!

Aided by Mate Kevin and Mate Wilson, both of these creatures were safely released.

Later on they hooked up a nice Dorado for the dinner table.