August 26, 2019

Darrell and Teresa Sims scored big on their second day of fishing with Captain William.

Big Yellowfin Tunas were the order of the day, the flagship Wanderer loaded up.

Mark caught a nice Sailfish in the middle of the trip.

Then it was back to the Yellowfin Tunas.

Great day of action for these fun-loving Texas anglers. Looks like dinner is served!

August 24, 2019

Fresh off of his double Marlin release birthday celebration, Stephen Dziadul stayed inshore to battle the elusive Rooster Fish.

Captain William left Garza Bay, took a sharp right and approached the Pink Island where the big Rooster like to hide.

They nagged two sweet releases. Great work by the mighty flagship…master of offshore and inshore fishing!

August 23, 2019

Stephen Dziadul celebrated his birthday in style with Captain William on August 23.

The fishing stayed strong for these Florida anglers, with multiple Marlin strikes.

They also scored Dorados for dinner:

“Craig, Just wanted to thank you and Matty for a great trip, Friday Aug 23rd was my Birthday and we released 2 marlins…best present ever. We are booking are trip for next year this week, Thanks Again Stephen Dziadul”