April 2, 2017

Captain Carlos welcomed Texas angler Shane Buck to the Discoverer on April 2 and delivered one of the nicest Marlin releases of the season.

This Black Marlin is a true Pacific monster!

Shane followed it up with a nice Sailfish:

Here’s what he posted on Facebook: “Top notch group. Crew worked their asses off even on a slow day we caught fish! They made it happen!”

March 22, 2017

The Discoverer and Dan Wood group posted an amazing day of billfish action on March 22. They nabbed a 200lbs. Blue Marlin early in the trip:

LaterĀ  the Sailfish bite heated up with this challenging Double Sailfish release followed up with a third Sailfish right at the end of the half-day trip.

Pretty sweet for just a half day trip!