August 22, 2019

The Explorer delivered the trip of a lifetime for Jess King and Elizabeth Rasch on August 22. Here’s how she told the story on social media:

“Our last day in Costa Rica was an all day off shore fishing trip, and it was one of the best ones! Elizabeth Rasch and I both caught a Blue Marlin!!”

“Hers was 450 lbs and the biggest catch of the day out of all the boats! Took her an hour to get it in!!”

“Shortly after I got another Yellow Fin Tuna!!”

“This has been the most amazing trip of a lifetime!! I will be returning!!”

August 17, 2019

The Explorer welcomed Jess King and Elizabeth Rasch for a fun fishing campaign on August 17.

They kept the rods bent with multiple Dorados and Yellowfin Tunas.

“First ever off shore fishing trip in Costa Rica,” wrote Jess on social media. “It was a blast! Caught 3 Yellow Fin Tuna and 2 Dorado!! Seen hundreds of dolphins and a sea turtle!”

August 5, 2019

Mitch Rabin and his group scored big on the Explorer with Captain Fico reporting big catches and big fun. These sweet Sailfish releases top the barroom brawler’s scorecard.

They also added several big Yellowfin Tunas. Notice that while they are posing with one fish another is already on the cooler.

For variety they also nagged a tasty Dorado.

Excellent work by Captain Fico!

August 2, 2019

David Sohm added an extra half day to his Costa Rican fishing adventure by enlisting the Explorer for an inshore assault on August 2.

This monster Rooster fish was followed by a smaller variant; both safely released after the photos as always.

Not for releasing was this GIGANTIC Cubera Snapper:

Excellent fishing from the barroom brawler Explorer.