May 2, 2018

The offshore bite has been on fire the last few days, and it looks like our Captains’ sharing of knowledge is paying off big time.

The Harvester called up Captain Fico on his phone and let him know that the big action was going on a dozen miles out in the blue water.

Angler Nicholas Grothe was the beneficiary of this action and scored multiple Sailfish releases backed up with perfect-for-eating Yellowfin Tunas filets.

April 25, 2018

Dan Bowman and his girls had such a good time on the Wanderer on April 19 that he signed up for a return engagement on the morning of April 25 with the Explorer.

Well it turns out lightning can strike twice, as proved by this grand array of fresh fish filets.

For the afternoon session, Captain Fico welcomed Shawn Cline and Philip Yim. They also found great blue water success on the Super Panga.

This super Sailfish release was backed up by more nice Yellowfin Tunas.

Awesome work by Captain Fico and the Explorer.

March 6, 2018

The Explorer performed brilliantly on March 6 with angler Josh Elder’s group reporting strong offshore action. They released a nice Sailfish early in the trip.

They filled the fishbox with tasty Dorado filets later in the day. Great all-around action and big smiles for all.

Thanks Shane Whealton of Shane Outside for the great video. See more of his work at