Off Season Maintenance 2019 – Week 4

The off season maintenance projects are all barreling down the backstretch and heading for the finish line. Speaking of finish, check out this awesome epoxy coat on iconic fighting chairs from the Wanderer and Discoverer:

So clear you can see your face in them! That’s also the goal for the skylights in Casa Tranquilo and Casa Surfeando:

Casa Caribe’s bathroom remodeling is complete. New tile and a new sink pedestal are the highlights.

Of course the best part of the offseason is when we get to add new fish-fighting weapons to the fleet. Remember that we started to build the new livewell for the Explorer using a bucket for a mold:

Now the form has taken shape been bulked out with seven-layer of Woven Roven fiberglass:

We fabricated the lid and lip by hand, slowly removing material until we got a snug fit.

Satisfied with the fit of the lid and the tank’s placement in the aft-starboard of the livewell, we proceeded to ad layers of chopped-strand fiberglass for a nice finish.

It is currently in place secured with epoxy, and once it cured it was ready for gelcoat and final assembly.

The new livewell looks great, especially now that the rest of the Explorer is freshly gelcoated and ready for action.

Look out fishies…The barroom-brawler Explorer fights dirty!

The other boats are in the process of final gelcoat and polish. It’s great to see the bulk of the fleet shined up and ready for battle.