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C + H Lures are the #1 choice for FishingNosara Captains and crews. We utilize this Jacksonville, FL-based tackle manufacturer’s entire product line.

Penn Reels telltale gold housings gleam from the rodholders on each FishingNosara vessel. From brand-new 760 Spinners to vintage 80W Senators, Penn keeps the lines tight for our trips.

Shimano Reels are also in our arsenal. We’ve had tons of success with old TLD 30’s, and recently we took delivery of a few LRS Tiagra Reels. Their durability and craftsmanship maintain the high standards that Shimano has established across their product lines.

Rapala lures are an essential part of our inshore fishing tactics. The wide lip and bright colors make their tackle irresistible to the reef dwellers. Also, Rapala is the world leader in home fishing entertainment (read: Video Games) and are essential in worldwide conservation efforts.

Yamaha Motors are reliable and powerful, the end result of a few hundred years of engineering excellence. Yamaha Techs have endeared themselves to us by traveling to Costa Rica to oversee the installation and final rigging of their products.

Williamson Lures makes the Jet Popper (‘El Popper’ in local slang), and we use the heck out of them. We also uses their squids for teasers, but seriously…fish Jet Poppers. Period.

Costa Del Mar sunglasses are also a staple for our crews. You won’t see a FishingNosara Captain or crewman without the trademark ‘C’ on his temples. Our tackle shop, the Sportfishing Center of Guiones Beach is an official retailer for Costa Del Mar.


Costa Rica’s Tico Times Directory. The Tico Times is the preeminent English-language newspaper in Costa Rica. A great read for travelers or those planning a trip to Costa Rica. This online directory is a great place to start your research.

Surf forecasting has become a lot easier for us now that our buddy set up a blog called DaBuh’s Surf Forcast. His takes on surf issues are a great read and his forecasts are spot on with accompanying charts, graphs, and historical data to deliver great surf reports.

Hook the Future is a internationally syndicated fishing program focused on providing world-class angling experience for young people around the world. Captain Don Dingman is the host of the program and has already filmed two episodes with FishingNosara, including the much-loved Mangrove River fishing episode.

Florida Sportsman is our favorite fishing magazine and many contributors are close friends to FishingNosara. In addition to putting out a fantastic monthly edition, they host one of the deepest and most interesting forums on the web related to all things fishing.


FishingNosara is active on select social media platforms. Don’t be bluffed by ‘NosaraFishing’ or other imitators; follow these links to get in touch with the real “Best Sportfishing in Costa Rica”…FishingNosara!

Facebook is a great way to get a message to the US office and to post pictures and reports of your most recent fishing trip.

Florida Sportsman Forum is the meeting place for Florida anglers to discuss tactics, tell fishing stories, argue over politics, and generally hang out online.