February 29, 2012

Our new friend Shepard McKenney booked Captain David for a morning half day trip on the Explorer and the Super Panga delivered the goods for this Maryland-based angler.

The Yellowfin Tuna were swarming the bait spread and throughout the day Mr. McKenney boated eight football-sized Yella Fellas.

The big fish of the morning was this Amberjack estimated to weigh 45lbs. Shepard has enough filets to keep his family fed and makes some new friends around Nosara.

Great work by a client who really knows a good boat (check out Shepard’s normal ride over at Hinckley Yachts).

February 28, 2012

Neil Jerome was one of the first clients to fish these waters on the now-famous Wanderer back in November 2009, so Captain William and First Mate Alex were stoked to welcome him back for a quick 2.5hr morning trip on February 28. They trolled for Dorado then but today they big blue beauty put ‘er in park right on top of the newly-discovered fantastic Red Grouper bite.

They nabbed a cooler full of the Red Groupers, plus added this tasty Congrio.

Once again the Wanderer proves that she is fit for battle with all the fish in these waters, inshore or offshore.

February 27, 2012

John Murdaugh and his group come from a small South Carolina town but when these guys hit the water in Nosara they meant buisness big-time. On board the magnificent Wanderer with Captain William and First Mate Alex, these guy brought home a trio of fish that are all monsters in their own regard; taken together this is truly the trip of a lifetime.

This 50+lbs. Dorado was first out of the chute and John brought him in like an old pro. Next up was a mighty Pacific Sailfish who they caught and released very efficeintly…less than 15 minutes from hook up to release.

The final fight was from a MASSIVE Striped Marlin that came screaming through the baits like a banshee. The fight was a true test of angling mettle, but John Murdaugh and his team were apt to win the battle. Both billfish were  safely released as always…nice  work by First Mate Alex.

I can’t wait to see the video from their pole camera but hopefully we’ll have in up here real soon.

A fantastic day of catching that will have the whole town of Hanahan, SC talking.

February 26, 2012

John Michael Burling and the boys finished off their fishing odyssey with Captain David on the 27 foot Super Panga Explorer. After fishing for a few day on the bigger boats, one could imagine that the fishing on the barroom brawler would be a let down…turns out they saved the best for last

First up on the hook was another nice Red Grouper weighing in at a good 15 lbs.

With dinner taken care of, this group set out for the deeper water and tried to best their wonderful Blue Marlin release from the previous day. The first curious billfish that came knocking was this awesome Sailfish, which when released was estimated to weigh over 120lbs.

The final victory lap came for these guys in the form of this massive Striped Marlin. Usually the Stripeys are the smallest of our Marlins, but this guy is a behemoth…it looks like it’s got shoulders!

All in all it was a great week of fishing for the Burling group with lots of good fishing stories to take back home.

February 25, 2012

Amazing news from the mighty Wanderer!

On Day 3 of their Costa Rican Fishing Adventure, John Michael Burling and his group hooked up one of the nicest Blue Marlin of the season. This fish tore through the spread hot and heavy picking off baits until First Mate Alex dropped a fateful pitch bait to the beast. Captain William spun the boat around and keep this monster on a short leash…too much slack and this baby would be a memory.

After a vigorous half-hour battle this Blue Marlin was ready to be released to do battle another day.

See you next time pal!

February 24, 2012

FishingNosara was pumped to welcome John Michael Burling and his fishing buddies down for a week of big time sportfishing. These guys are fishing hard this week with four trips scheduled in four days.

Yesterday they headed out on one of the other area boats and sadly did not catch anything. On day 2 they enlisted the flagship Wanderer and had much better results.

The posse went  home with tasty filets care of these nice Congrios and a all-of-the-sudden common Red Grouper.

This influx of Red Grouper has been a welcome surprise this season. While they have been caught around here in the past they are usual quite rare.

The Burling group has another day planned on the Wanderer before finishing their week on the Explorer…check out the guys getting a sneak preview of the bar-room brawler in the picture above.