August 18, 2021

On August 18, Justin Halliday and Misty Dingel had a great time with Captain David on the Adventurer.

They nagged a few nice Yellowfin Tunas, then followed-up with tasty Yellowtail Snapper.

More snappers of the Red and Striped variety rounded out the day’s catches.

Add in this Jack Crevalle, and you have a very diverse filet bag.


August 12, 2021

Master Captain William pulled-off a great ‘slump-buster’ trip on August 12 with Paul Brannan’s group scoring TWO Blue Marlins!

This first one spit the hook after a long fight and swam off defiant. The next Blue Marlin was reeled all the way in for a live release by Mate Elias.

Throughout the day they also nabbed Yellowfin Tunas of varying sizes…check out the photo above to see Mate Elias fileting one of the bigger Yella Fellas for and onboard sushi feast.