October 18, 2020

After seven lonely months, the 32-foot Harvester is back on the water. It’s been a long road back and we are stoked to get back to action.

Craig Sutton and Antonio were the first anglers up, and they scored multiple Yellowfin Tunas.

They worked over a school of porpoises with live blue runners on the hook, and scored Yella Fellas weighing 54lbs, 35lbs., 30lbs., and 25lbs.

Great work by the team to bring home the bacon!

August 2, 2020

On August 2, Captain Alex rounded up some of the co-workers from the Casa Bianca jobsite and took them to the offshore meat market.

The Harvester performed beautifully, delivering more than a dozen of these much-needed filets to the Nosara community. Check out Grevan with these awesome Yella fellas:

The worlds a little crazy on land, but 0n the Harvester it’s a nice normal day on the water.