March 17, 2023

We always encourage folks to fish for full eight-hour days to maximize the chance of catching, but sometime people like Ben Merkley stick with the 5 hour half day and make fools of us all.

Captain Antonio and Mate Raffa scored an awesome Blue Marlin release, then added a Sailfish release:

Plus they scored a nice Dorado for the dinner table (lunch basket?) and were back on shore at noon. Incredible performance from the barroom brawler Explorer.

March 15, 2023

The Tedrick family (Dan, Ivy, Davis and Henry) joined the mighty flagship on March 15 and scored this nice Sailfish release.

They also scored a bunch of Dorados.

These spinning dolphins led the way, and the mighty Wanderer stayed busy all day.

“Captain William and Elias were an awesome team and gave our family the experience of a lifetime on the Wanderer,” Dan wrote in an email. “First class operation.”