March 23, 2014

There is a crazy thing about ‘fishing momentum’…once it starts it doesn’t seem to stop!

After two successful trips earlier in the week, Scott Greiner and his group knocked it out of the park on March 23 with FIFTEEN Sailfish release on just a 5 hour trip.

The action was primed from the morning trip with Ed Showalter’s seven releases, and Captain William knew right where to go to find the fish.

First Mate Alex could barely get the spread back in the water before another Sailfish came calling.

You don’t average three fish per hour without a few multiple hook-ups:

The second fish spit the hook about 10 feet from the boat (above), but the next hook-up occurred minutes later…maybe the same fish?

An afternoon Dorado did little to quench these anglers’ thirst for billfish:

They squeezed every drop of daylight out of this legendary trip, catching the last pair of Sailfish just after 5:30pm.

Here’s a recap of the Wanderer‘s day: Two trips, twenty-two Sailfish releases. Kinda makes you rethink what a ‘good day’ really is on your boat.

March 21, 2014

Captain William stayed inshore on a morning half day trip with Scott and Adam Greiner.

The ladies stole the show with some early action on the planer / spoon rig; these Jack Crevalles aren’t great eating fish on their own but these catches were the first stirrings of a feeding frenzy that would see a bunch of tasty White Tunas on the sushi platter.

Our custom Poseidon fishing rods have performed excellently paired with Penn 7500 and 5500 spinners.

White Tuna are amazing on the sushi plate or in the frying pan, and it looks like a good fish fry is going down tonight at the Greiners’ place.

March 19, 2014

Scott Greiner and his crew stepped aboard the Wanderer with dreams of billfish, and Captain William snapped them awake with six lovely Sailfish releases on a 6.5 hour trip.

The ladies started off the action with a pair of Sailfish released early in the trip.

The boys held their own with three total releases; one per man.

The walk-off shot was the largest and most brightly colored of the day.

Great work by First Mate Alex in seeing to the safe release of all six specimens.