June 30, 2016

It’s been a hot week of action at the Nosara River Mouth has the Snook action has picked up in a big way.

Javier led the way with this monster Robolo, caught on Father’s Day no less!

Our friend Leo (above) is certainly service fresh fish at Rancho Tico tonight!

The River Mouth provided her bounty all month long with more Snook, Ponpano, and Permit you can imagine.


Facebook lit


April 1, 2016

The Rio Nosara continues to yield her bounty to anglers tough enough to wade into the surf at the river mouth.

Javier aka Rey Robalo scored these 20+ pounders on Easter weekend. Truly a blessing!

Our old pal Manuel wasn’t scared of this 10-15lbs. Snook:

Local legend Carl Wells also nabbed a nice one:

Local man Adalberto Sanabria Venegas did very well to put dinner on the table with this Robalo:

Most recent Carlos Yaniz posted this picture, probably the fattest Snook of the month:

October 5, 2015

As the tourism season enters a two month lull, the Fuppernos (Friends of the River) have been working their tails off at the River Mouth. Check out this fantastic Snook scored by Javier aka Rey Robalo on October 2:

This is the highlight of what has been a great few weeks of river fishing:

Our main man Alejandro nabbed an excellent Snook (above), while our old friend Manuel put some food on the table with a variety of catches:

Local legends also weighed in some whoppers:

Most recently Javier reeled in a wonderful Snook at sunset:

Also the staff of Nosara Paradise Rentals took a break from their off-season maintenance tasks to enjoy a Kayak adventure up river:

Pura vida at its finest!

August 31, 2015

There has been great action at the Rio Nosara this month with lots of excellent Snook catches reported.

Our old buddy Manuel Campos scored this awesome monster:

Also local legend Santos “Fly” Ruiz knocked out a few nice Robalos:

Another old friend Cumi caught the biggest Snook of the month. Look at the girth on this one:

Anglers of all ages bent a rod this month:



Of course a resource as beautiful as the Rio Nosara needs protection, and fortunately the Fuppernos are on guard with bi-monthly river clean-ups.

As the rainy season approaches in the highlands, more trash gets washed downhill ending up in the river.

This steps taken by the Friends of the River ensure that the blue flag will continue to fly over the Rio Nosara.


June 15, 2015

Another fantastic month of action on the Rio Nosara.

Our our buddy Cumi scored this excellent Robalo to kick of the month.

Of course the Hernadez boys scored a bunch of excellent fish on a nightime expedition.

Javier, Grevan, and young Dario certainly brought home the bacon on this night.

Also this monster Snapper was hauled in by local man Clemente:

But by far the most impressive catch of the month was this grande Robalo scored by local man Cuinco:

June 1, 2015

The Rio Nosara produced excellent Snook action this month. This monster caught by local man Carlos Yaniz Jr. was clearly the cream of the crop:

Also, fisherman Fisgar Itanhaém made the claim on Facebook that this Snook (caught in Rio São Francisco in Brazil) breaks the record for the largest in the world at 27.8 kg and 1.33 meters long:

This led to outrage from the Fuppernos, who in the span of 15 minutes produced photos that call this ‘record’ fish into question:

Gotta love these fish-camp arguments…you guys can be the judge, but it seems clear that there are some monster Snook in the Rio Nosara.

It’s not all fishing for the Fuppernos…part of being a “Friend of the River” is to take care of her. This month they organized a clean up of the nearby Ostinal River

Awesome work this month for the Fuppernos!

May 1, 2015

Intermittent rains means that the Rio Nosara is flowing strong and the Fuppernos (Friends of the River) are all over the big Snook.

Fresh off his great performance at the 2015 Ship of Fools Tournament, Bob Pease scored this sweet Snook on the morning tide:

Javier has stayed busy with a catches of Snook and Permit on the late-afternoon bite.

This Snook is on the larger side of what the Fuppernos have come to expect from the Rio Nosara.

Local fisherman Angel Ruiz Leal scored the biggest Snook of the month, easily weighing over 30lbs.

It’s not all fishing for the Fuppernos…part of being a “Friend of the River” is to take care of her. This month they organized a clean up of the nearby Ostinal River

Awesome work this month for the Fuppernos!