River Fishing Report – June 2013

Alejandro Garcia is the newest member of our team at Nosara Paradise Rentals and FishingNosara and has already established himself as a super ambassador of the pura vida spirit. Turns out Alejandro is a bad-to-the-bone river fisherman as well.

It’s fair to say he had a great weekend of fishing in early June. On Saturday the 8th he hooked up this nice Snapper:


Then on Sunday he brought in this monster Snook:
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Whoa! This monster tips the scale at just over 30lbs.


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That’s what I call bringing home the bacon!


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Javier has continued his onslaught on the fish in the Nosara river mouth. Check out some of his highlights from this month:

Nice Pargo Snapper

Snook (12 lbs. and 3 lbs.) and a 6lbs. Jurel with angler Joseson

Nice Snook for our buddy Cumi.

River Fishing Report – May 2013

Javier has continued his onslaught on the Snook dwelling in the Nosara river mouth. Check out some of his highlights from this month:

Also the Fuppernos (Friend of the River) are staying on task by keeping the river clean and free of garbage; the return of the seasonal rains means that lots of junk is flowing down the mountain and only through the vigilance of the Fuppernos can this lovely resource thrive.

Thanks to Pipin, Marina, Manuel, Rosi, Joaquin and Juan Luis for their help this month.

Read more and get involved with the cause by visiting the Fuppernos Facebook page and do your part…if you are in town visiting for a few days why not give back to the Nosara community by pitching in on a river clean-up?

River Fishing Report – April 2013

The action in the Costa Rican rivers moves as quickly as the freshwater pours from the mountains into the sea. The Fuppernos (Friends of the Nosara River) report lots of excellent catches this month, but let’s start with a catch from the nearby town of Samarra.

This 34lbs. Snook was caught on March 4 by Luis Cordero 3/4oz duster. Great fish and it was certainly the talk of the town this month.

However our boys at the Rio Nosara weren’t slacking this month. Check out their best catches:

Our main man Alejandro got his fresh ceviche squared away (above) while our old buddy Cumi had two nice fishing days this month.

Also saw some nice catches of various species from Jack to Permit to Ponpano:

Anglers unknown
Caught by Jairo Bermudez Jimenez


River Fishing Report – February 2013

The action at the Nosara River mouth has been excellent this month with many catches of Permit, Corvina and Snook.

Senior Javier Hernandez (aka Rey Robalo) has led the way with innovative new tackle mixed with old-school perseverance and patience. Check out these monster Snook caught by the master surf angler this month:

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Fantastic catches by Javier, but he isn’t the only one working the River Mouth:
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Local fisherman Coco with a 4kg. Snook

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Local Legend Luis Pando with a nice Corvina and Snook

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Also the Fuppernos are doing great work keeping the river clean and healthy. Check them out on Facebook for all the up-to-date catches and news from the Rio Nosara:

Nosara Snook Tournament Recap

The 1st Annual Nosara Snook Tournament was held over the consecutive weekends of June 16-17 and June 23-24 at the Nosara River.

Organized by the local fishing club Fundacion Pescadores Nosara Fupperno, this tournament is unique because it is 100% catch and release.

Javier Hernandez (President of Fupperno) notes that his club has united to stop overfishing and irresponsible practices that affect fish resources and the balance of marine ecosystems.

By making this tournament catch and release, they hope to improve and change the management of marine resources and raise awareness. You can read the full story in the June 12 issue of the Voice of Nosara.

The first weekend was slow with high winds and uncooperative Snook leaving the anglers wanting. However things fired up on June 23 with several Snook releases on the scoreboard.

The winner was Senor Luis Rodriguez with a 24lbs. Snook released. Regular readers of this report recognized Mr. Rodriguez from his 38 lbs. Snook that was posted here on April 28, 2012. His winning snook weighed 24lbs. and earned Luis the first prize of $200. Here is video of the release:

Second place went to Mr. Carl Wells with this 7 lbs. Snook and $150 to go with it.

Third place was taken by local legend Luis Siler with this little 2lbs. Snook. His prize was $100 which he generously split with three other anglers who caught similarly small fish.

Regardless of fish sizes, this tournament was about far more than money and poundage…The swell of activity on the Fupperno Facebook page has proved that Nosara has a viable, thriving, and enthusiastic scene of land-based Snook anglers.

As this community of anglers grows and flourishes, they are lucky to have a person like Javier in a position of leadership…Mr. Hernandez sincerely cares about the future of this fishery and dreams of a day when catch-and-release will become the norm with Snook tournaments much as it has with offshore billfish.

Finally and most importantly, this tournament provides a beacon for the next generation of anglers and provides them with a moral compass heading that points to a future of sustainable, humane interaction between man and the sea.

“These are those of tomorrow,” said Javier. “We are very proud of participants like these at a young age, and they are great for the sport of fishing. Congratulations and best wishes!”

March 23, 2012

It’s no secret around here that Javier is the man when it comes to land-based Snook fishing. On Friday our new friend Christoper Santore and his girlfriend went to the river mouth early in the morning looking for these tasty fighters.

They found a small 3lb. along the beach, then headed inland up the river bank. Before too long they had a meaty 12 pounder on the line and pulled it in all the way to the dinner table.

They also found this Sting Ray in shallow water which Javier seems unafraid of.

All in all it was another excellent Snook Hunt with El Jefe Javier Hernandez!