August 31, 2015

There has been great action at the Rio Nosara this month with lots of excellent Snook catches reported.

Our old buddy Manuel Campos scored this awesome monster:

Also local legend Santos “Fly” Ruiz knocked out a few nice Robalos:

Another old friend Cumi caught the biggest Snook of the month. Look at the girth on this one:

Anglers of all ages bent a rod this month:



Of course a resource as beautiful as the Rio Nosara needs protection, and fortunately the Fuppernos are on guard with bi-monthly river clean-ups.

As the rainy season approaches in the highlands, more trash gets washed downhill ending up in the river.

This steps taken by the Friends of the River ensure that the blue flag will continue to fly over the Rio Nosara.


June 15, 2015

Another fantastic month of action on the Rio Nosara.

Our our buddy Cumi scored this excellent Robalo to kick of the month.

Of course the Hernadez boys scored a bunch of excellent fish on a nightime expedition.

Javier, Grevan, and young Dario certainly brought home the bacon on this night.

Also this monster Snapper was hauled in by local man Clemente:

But by far the most impressive catch of the month was this grande Robalo scored by local man Cuinco:

River Fishing Report – June 2014

Nice fish, Manuel…but I know we taught you how to take pictures a little better than this! Jajajaj

Javier and the boys from Fuppernos (Friends of the River) are on point keeping the area clean.

The seasonal rains rolling through the mountains makes all the refuse roll down to the river… thankfully the Fuppernos are on the job to protect this fragile community resource.


Also some big news for all friends of the Nosara River: after much lobbying and patience the government has recognized the Boca del Rio Nosara as a certified ‘Blue-Flag Zone’.



Symbolized by this new flag at the entrance, this means steep fines and possible imprisonment for nare-do-wells who dump toxins or other chemicals into the river.

This is a big step in the right direction and all the credit is due to Javier and the Fuppernos…these guys and girls understand that a clean river is vital to the future of the community and will now be protected for the next generation of river anglers:


River Fishing Report – June 2013

Alejandro Garcia is the newest member of our team at Nosara Paradise Rentals and FishingNosara and has already established himself as a super ambassador of the pura vida spirit. Turns out Alejandro is a bad-to-the-bone river fisherman as well.

It’s fair to say he had a great weekend of fishing in early June. On Saturday the 8th he hooked up this nice Snapper:


Then on Sunday he brought in this monster Snook:
Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by


Whoa! This monster tips the scale at just over 30lbs.


Image Hosted by


That’s what I call bringing home the bacon!


Image Hosted by

Javier has continued his onslaught on the fish in the Nosara river mouth. Check out some of his highlights from this month:

Nice Pargo Snapper

Snook (12 lbs. and 3 lbs.) and a 6lbs. Jurel with angler Joseson

Nice Snook for our buddy Cumi.

River Fishing Report – April 2013

The action in the Costa Rican rivers moves as quickly as the freshwater pours from the mountains into the sea. The Fuppernos (Friends of the Nosara River) report lots of excellent catches this month, but let’s start with a catch from the nearby town of Samarra.

This 34lbs. Snook was caught on March 4 by Luis Cordero 3/4oz duster. Great fish and it was certainly the talk of the town this month.

However our boys at the Rio Nosara weren’t slacking this month. Check out their best catches:

Our main man Alejandro got his fresh ceviche squared away (above) while our old buddy Cumi had two nice fishing days this month.

Also saw some nice catches of various species from Jack to Permit to Ponpano:

Anglers unknown
Caught by Jairo Bermudez Jimenez


April 6, 2012

I love how our guys take ‘days off’ in Nosara…Cumi is the hardest-working member of the Nosara Paradise Rentals team, streched thin between driving to and from the airports, maintaining all of the Safari Carts, and managing all of the in-town transportation from Ostinal to Garza and all points in between.

How does this guy relax? Check it out:

Looks like Javier has some competition at the Nosara River.

Great job on these tasty Permits! Ceviche anyone?

November 23, 2010

Russ and Nikki’s River Adventure

Adventure awaits around every corner in Costa Rica. Clients Russ and Nikki were on their way home from Nosara when they came upon a washed out bridge.

With no land access to the other side, Russ and Nikki were in danger of missing their outgoing flight in San Jose.

FishingNosara to the Rescue!

After loading their luggage across the river in a sling, it was Nikki and Russ’ turn.

They made it safe to the other side and made it home without further incident.
Great work by Javier, Manuel and Cumi in overcoming this obstacle.

Here is the email she sent to us:

“Thank you!! The trip was quite an adventure, looking back I wouldn’t change a thing!  We will be planning a trip back to Nosara during the “non-rainy” season. The staff at Nosara Paradise Rentals are a.m.a.z.i.n.g.!! and we are looking forward to seeing everyone again.”

 Pura Vida,

November 19, 2010

FishingNosara is pumped to offer Kayak Safari Tours as a new way to explore the Costa Rican wilderness. Also, these brand-new 13′ Ocean Kayaks are the only way to get to the Mangrove Snappers and supersized Snook at the estuary between the Nosara River and the Pacific Ocean.

To test the new vessels we sent the best of the FishingNosara team to explore the river. On Thursday November 11th the fellas put the Kayaks through their paces and scouted many spots for future fishing expeditions.

Captain William made his way to the train bridge overpass to make sure the boys were staying out of trouble. Our crews certainly look out for each other.

Our first Kayak Safari client was Eduardo Barrios on Saturday November 13th. Accompanied by Guide Johnny, Mr. Barrios explored the river and the saw tons of wildlife. Also he did some more preliminary scouting for Snook.

Recently client Hal Breedlove and his group went out with Javier on Thursday November 18th for a 3 hour trip down the river. The saw incredible natural beauty and had an absolutely fantastic time.

Kayak Tours provide an economical way to fish and explore the wilderness of Costa Rica. Check out the Safari Tours section of for all the details.

February 6, 2010

February 6th was a day for the staff of Nosara Paradise Rentals to have some fun out on the water. General Manager Javier Hernandez, Cumi, and NPR Concierge Numero Uno Manuel took a sunset cruise on the Wanderer and hauled in a whole mess of fish, included a baby Cuberra Snapper…they returned the little fella to the blue water, but even as a youth it fought like a tiger. It’s great to see our wonderful staff have a great day out on the water!