November 20, 2011

Another legendary day for Charly Bernhardt and Silvia Munoz on the Wanderer!

Regular readers of this report remember that Charly and Silvia were on the big blue beauty exactly one year ago for the most productive day of Yellowfin tuna fishing in recent memory; Jog your memory by Watching the video or reading the post.

So here we are 364 days later, and what do you think happened?






Whoa! Those are some big f*$%king tunas…it’s amazing that they could hold these things up for the pictures let alone pull them out of the water. Great work by Craig, Paula, Charly and Silvia on some amazing angling!





This is why Alex lifts weights…great work all around by anglers, boat, Captain William, and the crew.

November 13, 2011

Unwilling to give the fish any mercy, Chris Landis and Chuck Powell booked and additional day on the Wanderer on Sunday and turned in a performance that tops both of their previous days.

Once again they had two Sailfish come up about 9am, then more in the afternoon. These anglers really have the Sailfish figured out as they added two more excellent releases to their scorecard.

Captain William found a school of dolphins and Chris started whacking them on a top water casted ‘El Popper’. Once the bite cooled off the boys deployed the trusty cedar plug to finish off the school of Yellowfin Tuna.

By the end of the day they had boated 15 Yella Fellas. Excellent haul by Chuck Powell, Chris Landis, and the mighty Wanderer.

November 3, 2011

The perfect way to kick off the season was with General Manager Javier Hernandez and his friends joining Captain David on the Explorer for a harvest of the fertile reefs just outside of Garza Bay. In just two hours they boated a handful of Yellowfin Tunas, Jack Crevalles, Cerro Mackerals, and Amberjacks.

Nice warm up lap! The fish are biting and we are fired up for a great year of fishing.

September 27, 2011

After a great day of fishing with Kurt Stecken, Captain David noticed the clear weather was sticking around and decided to squeeze in a quick family trip this morning. Joined by Nosara Paradise Rentals GM Javier Hernandez, Captain David and Betsy had a very fruitful 3 hour morning trip.

Nice roosterfish! Estimated to weigh 25lbs, this rooster was released. Later in the morning these locals put some dinner on the table in the form of three nice Yellowfin Tunas and a Yellowtail snapper.

It’s always great with our staff gets some time on the water. When one considers the effort to launched and recover both boats in a single morning it is clear that Javier and Captain David deserved some fun fishing. Awesome work!

September 26, 2011

With boat repair going faster than anticipated and a two-day break in the rains approaching, the Captains and crew of FishingNosara dared to ask the question “What off-season?”

Both the Explorer and Wanderer were in action today with client Kurt Stecken separating his group between the two boats. Launching and recovering two big boats at a time on the beach is no easy feat, but Cumi and Javier are pros and got the vessels floating with minimal troubles. Even better is both groups of clients reported excellent catches.

On the Explorer the action was consistent and fruitful to the tune of nine Yella fellas and a pair of 20lbs. Amberjacks. They also had a curious Sailfish knocking around behind the teasers but he wasn’t hungry.

Check out the water behind this client and his Amberjack…the Wanderer had some big action going on as well!

Sure enough the big blue beauty was busy packing the fishbox. They started a little slow with a small Jack and a quartet of Bonitas, then the lines started popping off with some big fish.

The Wanderer scorecard for the day shows six nice Yellowfin Tuna and a massive 60lbs.+ Amberjack. Clearly, they caught enough fish for the party tonight. Big fish, full bellies and happy clients…it’s what FishingNosara is all about!

September 19, 2011

The unstoppable Captain David has mastered the maneuverable 26-foot Explorer and has her dialed in. He got her back in the water just in time to score some nice ‘off-season’ trips.

With calm seas and sunny skies proving to much to resist, Duane Stanley and his wife decided in the morning to go first for a billfish and come back to shore to catch something to eat on September 19.

Captain David was up for the challenge and brought along First Mate Alex from the Wanderer to do battle with the big boys!

About 8 o’clock they had their first hit and it was a nice Sailfish. The fight was short and fierce with Mrs. Stanley on the reel.

They released this acrobatic species a few minutes later, then came inshore had a field day on multiple species.

First, two nice Yellowfins came up the water column to David’s cloud of irresistible Bonita chunks. Duane made quick work of them and put them on ice. Then a line popped off a little stronger, and everyone thought that a big fish had hit the popper.

When most people think of a ‘double strike’ it is when two lines go off at once…not two fish on the same lure! It’s almost as if the fish missed seeing the Explorer. This Big-Eye Jack and his little Yellowfin companion could not help but throw themselves in the boat.

All of that surface commotion woke up the slumbering reef beasts, and Duane followed up this oddball double catch with a true Hall of Fame monster.

This Cubera Snapper fought like a panther and Duane Stanley earned his Hall of Fame enshrinement by digging his heels into the deck and holding on for dear life. A sweat-drenched, knock-down, drag-out, bareknuckle fish fight ensued with Duane and the Explorer emerging victorious.

Duane wrote us the following email:

“The day was amazing, we had such a good time and those guys down there are great! What are the chances that Snapper makes it on the Hall of Fame?”

It was a great day of ‘off-season’ fishing for the Explorer and clearly the clients, crew and Captain were all pumped to be on the water. Hall of Fame fishing for sure!

August 24, 2011

With the rains coming and the season almost over, Captain David welcomed client Marc Carson for North Carolina for a five-hour fishing trip and he came away with some excellent Yellowfin Tuna and a nice Sailfish release.

Great work by Captain David to squeeze every drop out of the Explorer‘s maiden season.  Look our for this legendary boat to raise the bar even higher in 2012.

August 12, 2011

Jeff and Brian Bickel had such a good time on the Wanderer that they signed up for an additional day of fishing with Captain William and First Mate Alex. After going 4 out of 6 on Sailfish a few days ago, the Brothers Bickel were looking to improve upon an already legendary performance.

The Wanderer went back out to Sailfish Alley and started pulling the high-speed lures over the blue water break. Around 10am the first strike came in the form this big Yellowfin Tuna on a C +  H Black/Orange lure.

The bill collectors came calling in the early afternoon as several hungry Sailfish started tearing through the spread.

Sailfish hunt in pairs and First Mate Alex has perfected the art of the double header hook-up. Alex quickly sets the hook when the first one hits and Captain William angles the fish so that the backside of the spread can remain deployed.

With an angler keeping the first fish honest, Alex then drops back a pitch bait to the other Sailfish and the double header is on! Many clients have achieved this feat in the already-history-making 2011 season, but very few managed to pull the feat off twice on one trip!

Make room in the Hall of Fame for the Bickels! Excellent job by Captain William, First Mate Alex, and the famous Wanderer.