Off Season Maintenance 2024

It’s that time of year when the FishingNosara and Nosara Paradise Rentals team gets ready for the new season.

November 1st is right around the corner, and we have all hands working to make sure we are ready for an epic 2024 campaign.

This is a period of hard work, but it provides a unique opportunity for our our boat crew and a housing staff to work side-by-side on common projects.


The 32-foot Harvester is in pretty good shape despite her 6 years of hard-fishing in Nosara. Captain Wilson is giving her a fresh layer of gelcoat on the inside, and will be upgrading his dated Hummingbird bottom machine.

The Explorer is getting much-needed attention to the cockpit area in the rear. Over the years we have built up the rear area to accommodate for big burly anglers and equally large fish:

Unfortunately the added fiberglass keeps showing through the gelcoat. This area is still very strong, but it unsightly. We look forward to getting this area of the deck looking good.

Captain Fito has kept the Adventurer in tip-top shape, and has pioneered doing small amounts of upkeep throughout the year; this means that he doesn’t have a big pile of stuff to do during September and October.

Over on the Discoverer, we are addressing the fuel tanks and fuel tank covers. Here is a look at the covering panel that needs to be replaced:

This is last major piece of the Discoverer that we made out of Marine Plywood before we started used Coosa Wood. Fortunately we have a piece of Coosa Wood in the shop and will make a new covering piece that will be just as strong and 30% lighter:

We are also taking this time to add a fresh layer of rubberized truckbed liner to all the in-deck fuel tanks.

The main reason we take all the boats apart and put them back together is to find out problems you can see from the outside. On the Wanderer, some old bolt holes were not properly filled-in during a recent motor install. This means that the transom bracket was taking on water.

This could be catastrophic if left unchecked, but we are certain that the holes in the transom are dried out so we are proceeding with new epoxy around the bolt holes.

Also we are giving the bracket a nice coat of fresh paint.

Under the hood, several components of the original wiring are starting to corrode, so we are replacing all the ground bars and fuse panels.


The Nosara Paradise Rentals campus is a wonderous jewel of boutique nature preserve rentals. However the harsh nature of the environment here means that our precious jewel needs constant polishing.

New paint on the houses and new stain on the wood has our place shining.

We also dis-assembled the interior of our old reliable Land Cruiser, and found out that the seats need new upholstery and foam pads. Ain’t nothing but a thang for these hard working Ticos.