2023 Ship of Fools Tournament Recap

Discoverer edged out by a familiar face; Calcutta-winning Pangas

Tough Scoring and a Razor-sharp finish tell the story of the 2023 Ship of Fools Tournament.

The Kahuna finished in first place with 850 total points. One of the mates on this boat is Alex Moreno, former Captain of the Harvester.

Captain Carlos on the Discoverer took second place, with a 25 point Dorado score defining the gap between podium positions.

Angler Jimmy Nichols’ crew scored five Sailfish releases and a Marlin release on the big battleship.

They also boated a Yellowfin Tuna which held off the hard-charging La Bonita.

Each of the two tournament fishing days had a largest Yellowfin Tuna Calcutta, and both were won by the FishingNosara panga fleet.

On the Explorer, Heidi and Jim O’Callaghan scored a 83.8 lbs. Yellowfin Tuna on day one (above), and Matty Jorn scored this 93.5 lbs. beast during the second day on the Adventurer :



As always, the anglers gathered in Garza to celebrate a great weekend of fun fishing, despite the slow action.