August 22, 2012

Although some big swells tore through the area this last week, the Explorer found a break in the weather on August 22 and delivered an outstanding trip for clients Buff and Melanie Hendricks from New Smryna Beach, FL. They scored two nice Pacific Sailfish releases and tabled one of the biggest Dorados of the season.

Let’s have Mr. Hendricks’ take on the action: “We fish out of Ponce Inlet often, so the short ride to large fish was terrific. We were very comfortable with Captain David and  Carlos and felt we were in excellent hands.”

“The fishing was superb, (just look at the size of the Dorado) and you can count on us doing it again.”


Melanie had this note to add: “Captain David and Carlos are a great team! We were very impressed and had a great trip!”