Boat Maintenance

Our plucky panga the Transporter makes hundreds of trips per week from Playa Garza to the boats moored in the bay. This off-season we set our newest boatman Daniel on the task of rehabilitating the fiberglass around the upper rail of the boat.

You can see that there are major areas needing attention (the front prow and the rear corners) and lots of small spots around the seats and splashwell.

The inital trim reveals a strong barrier of fiberglass in the front.


Captain David wasted no time getting the 23-foot switchblade stripped down, repainted, and ready for action. Get ready for another amazing season from the Adventurer


The Harvester ran 178 trips in the 2022 season, and the interior needed cosmetic attention to prepare for the upcoming year.

The crew took care of the prep-work and disassembly, then Craig arrived to spray the gelcoat.

The got a good run of weather and managed to complete four coats a day in back-to-back sessions.

This is the exact result we want, and will finish up nicely once given several passes of fine-grit sandpaper (440g, 600g, then 1000g)


While we got the gelcoat cooking, might as well hit these panels with a fresh coat:

Also the cabin door and fighting chair for the Discoverer are being stripped and re-finished:

Even the luggage rack for our hard-working Land Cruiser got fresh primer and paint to ensure many more years of excellent service.