February 17, 2021

After a furious four month stretch of action, the Explorer in in the shop for maintance and upgrades.

Our boats are on anchor in Garza Bay for 10 months a year, and as such there is constant upkeep to keep the fleet in fighing shape.

The top has been lowered so that the stiches can be re-enforced, especailly around the antenna mounts.  Also the storage under the consoles have been reworked and strengthened.

Another clean-up project is the clutter that built up naturally under the splashwell. The livewell pump is now rewired and rerouted to better deliver fresh seawater to the bait fish.

Up front is a new coat of gelcoat on the floor and gunwales. Also the front-facing seats are being re-upholstered with thicker seat foam.

We are always striving to improve our boats and enhance client comfort. The Explorer will return to the water in early March 2021.