House Maintenance

Casa Serena’s front facing windows got new blinds to replace the old curtains.

The big renovation this off-season is our two-bedroom house Casa Jardin. A major improvement was to install a fresh entryway.

The original doorway was  bifold monstrosity that latched at the bottom and was a nightmare to open and close, especially to a first-time occupant.

The new doorway is a standard swinging door with side panels to allow maximum sunlight into the kitchen.

The house also got a fresh coat of paint, inside and out:

Continuing in the tradition of Casa Bianca and Casa Capitan, we have these one-of-a-kind carved doors for the new installation.

Casa Neptune also suffered from an overcomplicated entryway. The old sliding glass doors have been replaced with a standard door while still maintaining the natural light flow into the living room.

Casa Capitan got a fresh coat of her signature bright yellow paint.

Also the guys installed new aluminum flashing between the house and the patio roof, which had been leaky.

Casa Captain is looking good and ready to go for the 2023 season: