June 16, 2011

The Yellowfin Tuna have been all over the recent fishing reports, however the Explorer always seems to have another trick up her sleeve. Captain David stumbled upon a hot spot of the elusive Rainbow Runners this morning and with newlywed clients Jennie and Johnny on the reels, they piled the fishbox to the brim with 10 of these tasty morsels.

The Rainbow Runner (also called Rainbow Tunney) boasts delicious white meat and is a very challenging fish to hook and a strong fighter. It has been quite a while since a boat managed to wear out this many Rainbows. For an idea of how strong the Rainbow Runner can be, check out this picture:

Notice that while Jennie has the rod doubled over, Captain David has a firm hold of the fighting belt in one hand and a white-knuckle grip on the 3 inch. Stainless Steel superstructure of the Explorer. Without this chain of strength, something would have been swimming away (either the client or the fish).

Great job Captain David and congrats to the bride and groom. May the ‘Pura Vida’ spirit stay with you for all of your years together!