June 25, 2020

Casa Bianca is looming large…literally, look at how big this house it!

After pouring tons of concrete and taking endless trips up-and-down the ramp, we are nearing the end of the concrete phase. The final step is to pour the lentils over the windows.

The end result will be similar to the existing skylights in Casa Surfeando and Casa Tranquilo:

These pours are very challenging and (much like the guys doing the work) seem to defy gravity.

Take a moment to respect this scaffolding. It takes a lot of guts to work up here, but our guys have plenty of that to spare.

Meanwhile, Yoseph and Alexander are putting the final touches on the refurbishing of the main office.

We are so excited to get open and back to business soon. We really, REALLY miss our guests.