March 7, 2012

Jon Infanti brought a whole swarm of folks down to Nosara this week and on March 7 booked the Wanderer, Explorer, and Sportsman for a full-on fishing party. The full moon brought some brackish green water in close to shore, but the Captains of FishingNosara know how to overcome obstacles like bad water.

All three boats caught fish, with the Sportsman and Captain Eduardo leading the way with 7 Red Groupers.

The Wanderer kept pace with three nice Red Groupers as well as multiple Jack Crevalles for the fish box.

The Explorer stayed a little closer to shore and scored a nice Red Grouper and five tasty Congrios.

All told these folks put a nice hurtin’ on the meat fish and should have enough filets to feed even the largest dinner party. Excellent work by some folks who certainly know how to have a good time on the water.