Off Season Maintenance

This is the time of year when we perform maintenance on our houses, boats, and vehicles. The houses may be empty and the boats are on the hill, but as usual there is a flurry of activity around the Nosara Paradise Rentals campus.

Both of our offices have a fresh face for the new year with new varnish on the exterior wood and new paint.


Meanwhile we have heard your feedback on Casa Privada’s bunkhouse and are adding a full bathroom. No more coming into the main house late at night when nature calls.


We have big things planned for the boats this off-season as well. As usual, all boats are being sanded, cleaned and resprayed with fresh gelcoat. Here is the flagship Wanderer, all stripped down:

It’s a lot of work, but this is what is required to keep the fleet in tip-top shape.

This rare Costa Rica-sourced Guapinol (Hymenaea courbaril) wood will replace the existing transom on the Wanderer (above).

Also, the Harvester is getting some long-overdue attention. Remember that last year we left her in the water for the off-season, meaning that this is the first repaint since her initial campaign in January 2016.

The barroom brawler Explorer is also getting spruced up for the new year. Top of the list is rebuilding and re-painting the consoles…they will look great with the new windshields that are coming soon.

The Adventurer is always getting new tricks up her sleeve. Last year we installed a single live tuna tube (unheard of on such a small boat), and this year we are adding a bottom machine.

Here is the custom stand that Captain David has constructed to accept the bottom machine.

Even the Transporter is showing some wear and tear.

Knocking around Garza Bay all day long has necessitated some structural repairs on the floor, and the outer gunwale is being replaced with this PVC section fiber-glassed into the hull.

Stay tuned next month for updates as we get the fleet back in the water.