River Fishing Report – June 2014

Nice fish, Manuel…but I know we taught you how to take pictures a little better than this! Jajajaj

Javier and the boys from Fuppernos (Friends of the River) are on point keeping the area clean.

The seasonal rains rolling through the mountains makes all the refuse roll down to the river… thankfully the Fuppernos are on the job to protect this fragile community resource.


Also some big news for all friends of the Nosara River: after much lobbying and patience the government has recognized the Boca del Rio Nosara as a certified ‘Blue-Flag Zone’.



Symbolized by this new flag at the entrance, this means steep fines and possible imprisonment for nare-do-wells who dump toxins or other chemicals into the river.

This is a big step in the right direction and all the credit is due to Javier and the Fuppernos…these guys and girls understand that a clean river is vital to the future of the community and will now be protected for the next generation of river anglers: