August 25, 2016

Charles Efird and Huck Venters finished off their week with another great performance on the Wanderer.

Captain William found the way to Sailfish City and found the streets swarmed with Sailfish.

After several excellent releases they were treated to a rare a beautiful sighting: look at this wonderful Balena or Whale.

Awesome day on the mighty flagship!

August 23, 2016

Charles Efird and Huck Venters joined the Wanderer for back-to-back trips in late August, with Captain William reporting thick numbers of Sailfish lurking offshore.

These North Carolina anglers performed brilliantly with these billfish releases.

The next day they nabbed several more Sailfish releases:

Plus there were a few nice Yellowfin Tuna catches to round out the day; always good to have filets for the dinner table!

Great work by Charles, Huck, and their families!