February 20, 2013

John Higgins won’t go hungry this week!

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Check out this haul of tasty reef-dwellers that Mr. Higgins put on ice along with Captain David on the Explorer.  These Mullet Snappers are very delicious as sushi or as small filets.

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Clearly the bottom bite is back and the barroom brawler is ready to beat them down! Great work by the 26 foot Super Panga and John Higgins.

February 19, 2012

John Higgins and his fellow Vermonters returned to the shores of Garza for another adventure with Captain David of the Explorer

The highlight of the feast was a pair of Groupers estimated to weigh 30lbs. The also had a big Marlin coming calling but the monster spit out the hook before it could be set. Still, plenty of filets in the cooler and lots of fun for this great group of Green Mountaineers.