February 7, 2012

Our new friend Nora Nolan booked the Wanderer for a brief 2.5 hour morning session and the action was incredibly intense, even by the flagship’s standards. With time too short to head offshore, Captain William anchored up to Pincha Padre and found abundant marine life.

After some small Bonita and Guardias found their way to the hooks, this party got going in the form of two Broomtail Groupers (25lbs. and 35lbs.) plus they added two of the rare and tasty Congrios.

The Congrio is a half-fish / half-eel that yields a tasty white meat and is sought after around the world for use in sushi rolls; of course the amazing taste of the Grouper goes without saying.

Check out the other area boats in the background trying to get in on this pot of fish…the Wanderer is never greedy, she just leads the way for the rest of pack!