February 26, 2021

On February 26, Dan Johnson from Hatteras took his longtime friend Manuel Obando from Garza out along with Captain Fico‘s son Moises Friend Anthony and little nine-year-old Jefferson.

It was Jefferson‘s first day on the sea and he was happy to catch a Dorado and some bottom fish. Dan gave him a pair of sunglasses, and he’s now a Pescador.

January 4, 2021

Legendary angler Dan Johnson brought his hard-fishing family along for a productive day on the Wanderer.

Captain William set them up for deep-drop bottom fishing, and the flagship scored several big Congrio.

This unusual fish/eel hybrid yields a flakey, lobster-like meat and is very tasty. Also their body allows for them to swim backwards, which makes for a strange fight.

Also these are some of the biggest Congrios we have seen in quite a long time.