August 3, 2011

After a nice warm-up trip on the Explorer on August 1, Rick Egan booked the most famous Wanderer for a run offshore after the big sailfish. Captain David signed on to assist First Mate Alex on the big blue beauty and Captain William took her out to the same spot the Explorer worked over with the Jake Davies group.

Clearly this combination of world class anglers, crew, equipment and advance recon of the bite spelled disaster for the hungry Sailfish as the Wanderer and Rick Egan released 5 Sailfish, including the legendary Double Header Release.

Alex and David worked hard all day to ensure safe releases for the fishes and fun times for the clients.

Great work by Captain William, First Mate Alex, David, and the whole Egan group to guarantee the safety of these majestic creatures. All 5 fish were released alive and healthy…and ready to be caught again!