December 4, 2011

Lots of great action today as both the Wanderer and Explorer both have excellent trips to report.

Derek and Cynthia Bowker come to Nosara from the tiny town of Joesph, Oregon but this husband and wife team caught a trio of MASSIVE Sailfish in Costa Rica that should have the whole town talking.

The first one slammed the outrigger bait and Captain William was quick on the draw to snap this excellent photo:

First Mate Alex brought the monster in close and executed a perfect release.

It’s hunting buddy wasn’t far behind and torpedoed down the center exhaust alley munching baits the whole way. Alex expertly presented a naked ballyhoo rig and Sailfish number two hooked up within 25 feet of the transom.

Captain William followed some dolphins around looking for meat fish and although the Wanderer shot at a 30lbs. Tuna and a mysteriously huge Dorado, the fishbox stayed clean this time.

However the day was saved by a late Sailfish release, the third of the day. Fantastic fishing from the Oregon-based Team Bowker!