February 21, 2014

Beau Braid and his boys laid down a groundbreaking performance on the flagship Wanderer…how does FOURTEEN Sailfish releases sound to you?

They were swarmed by Sailfish from the start of the trip all the way until the last line was reeled in.

The multiple hook-ups started just after 1pm. They had a double hook-up followed by a triple hook-up.

This is one of the most hectic hookups in all of fishing but these fish did not stand a change because of Captain William’s calm demeanor on the wheel and First Mate Alex’ laser precision in the cockpit.


Beau and the boys experienced yet another Triple hook-up:

The fourteen Sailfish releases were backed up by five beefy Dorados. Safe to say these guys have plenty of filets for the week.

As a final send-off, the Wanderer was greeted in Garza Bay by this majestic Baleena (Humpback Whale). Great shots from Captain William of thes amazing creature in the wild.

Here’s the email we got from Beau: “Thanks Craig! We had an awesome trip. Everything was great, and the fishing even better. Once I get some pictures together I will send some good ones to you. But I know William got a lot of good ones too”