February 3, 2020

Captain Fico delivered the goods for Corey LaChance’s group on February 3 with some thrilling Sailfish releases.

Guys, it’s called “release” for a reason!

They worked up their appetite’s while swimming, so it’s fortunate that they nagged these meat fish for sustenance.

They kept the Dorados and Yellowfins but released the Cubera Snappers:

They retired to Nosara Paradise Rentals for a nice soak in the pool, followed by a mammoth fish feast.

Here is a sample from Josie LaChance’s Facebook post:

Pura Vida!
“pure life”; to live a peaceful, simple existence full of happiness, satisfaction, well-being, and deep love for nature, family, and friends.

What an incredible fishing trip with friends to Nosora, Costa Rica.

We ate great food.. we had a ton of fun… and caught a few fish.

✔️7 sailfish
✔️5 Yellowfin tuna
✔️3 cubera snapper
✔️2 mahi mahi

We will never forget “the one that got away… the fish of a lifetime.”
The guys worked on a gigantic yellowfin tuna for 3 hours…. as soon as we got a good look it it… the line snapped.
The guys are still very sensitive about this.
I’m not sure how big it was… every day it gets bigger and bigger. Today the guys are estimating it was a good 400lbs. Ha.

Even though the fish of a lifetime got away we still had a great time fishing!
Sam and Cory swam with Sailfish…
Allison and Cindy went offshore for their first time… and caught a sailfish.

Most importantly, Jon caught dinner!

Pura Vida!

Josie LaChance