March 7, 2023

Here’s a great story of a young angler from Switzerland, as told by his dad:

Dear FishingNosara Team,

I hope you’re all doing well in beautiful Nosara!

Last summer (30.7.22), we spent an unforgettable day fishing off-shore with Raffa and Antonio. My older son Leo (11) keeps telling me that this was his greatest day in the whole holidays and he want’s to come back to Nosara as soon as possible 🙂

Today he painted a picture inspired by your t-shirt – I wanted to share the picture with you guys! We hope to get back to Nosara soon and it’s for sure we will spend some other days fishing with you.

Please send our warm regards to Raffa and Captain Antonio!

Best regards from Switzerland
Dario and Leo


March 2, 2023

Our old friend George Shipley posted a fantastic fishing day on March 2 with the Explorer reporting a nice Sailfish release and big Dorados on ice.

George wrote us this nice note after the trip:

As we wrap up week 2 and now on the countdown to heading home next Wednesday, I just wanted to say thanks for everything. As always, the fishing nosara : Paradise rentals team are outstanding and have taken care of our every need. Casa Bianca #4 is going to be added to our list of favourites.

I also want to acknowledgement and seriously compliment the boys on the explore. Antonio and first mate Raffa really took care of me yesterday and worked hard to find some action. All in we hooked 4 Mahi’s, including the attached photo. She’s a beauty!! … and we were able to kick off the day with a nice Sailfish.

Anyway, thank you from the Shipley’s for another great year!!!

George & Juanita

February 7, 2023

Matthew Smith had a great time on February 7 with the Harvester.

In his words: “I would like to thank you guys for an amazing trip today. I work on a charter in New York for salmon and I can only hope that when people leave my boat they had just as amazing of a time as I did today. Your captain and first mate were awesome and I will definitely be back again!!!”

“We had an amazing time on the water with the Harvester Crew!!! Caught fish, lost fish, saw fish!!! The captain and first mate were amazing people, answered anything we asked, were very knowledgeable and very personable couldn’t have asked for a better first trip in Costa Rica!!! I will be back again and hopefully battle a bill fish next time. Once again thank you for an amazing experience.”

December 9, 2022

On the Discoverer, Andrew Mendenhall’s family added to their stocked scorecard with another great Sailfish release.

Andrew and Richard also nabbed dinner with this Dorado and Yellowfin Tuna combo.

We received this note from Andy after the trip:

“Jill’s massive Dorado was an amazing fish in the midst of multiple billfish and other large dorado. Carlos and David, just like William and Elias are very skilled captains and crew. Remarkable humans, as well with close family and histories that go back generations.”

“We have had a truly amazing vacation, the first one for my father, sister and I- together in 35 years. All of the boat crews, the staff, Eduardo and family have all been amazing hosts. We are grateful!”

“We are definitely going to book a time in later March or April of ‘24 and will hopefully have a group of about 8-12 for lodging and fishing.”

“Jill will reach out to Bob and I know you are going to love to learn more about her vision and history of fishing in Minnesota!”


November 29, 2022

On November 29, Jon Paetkau had a great day with the Explorer.



Here is Jon’s account in his own words: “My wife and I had the most incredible experience with Fishing Nosara. The booking was easy, the captain was friendly and knowledgeable, and the deck hand was equally friendly and knowledgeable and his English was amazing.”

“We had non stop action on mahi mahi, got a very large sailfish and two large yellow fin tuna. Couldn’t of asked for a more productive day on the water and a very good company to fish with, I’ll be back for sure!”

November 13, 2022

Matthew Jordan finished his run of awesome trips on November 13. Big Dorados filled up the scorecard during the bulk of the trip.

In the afternoon they moved inshore and scored a monster Amberjack.

“Awesome charter operation- The boat was rock solid, captain and mate were very knowledgeable, and the gear was top notch,” wrote Matthew in his review. “The lunches served on the boat were fantastic. The captain wasn’t afraid to make long runs to find the fish. We tore up mahi, tuna and AJ’s. Epic 3 days of fishing on the Wanderer!”

October 4, 2022

Master Captain William took the Wanderer out on October 4 and lit up the scoreboard with an awesome Blue Marlin release.

After the safe release, Paul Norris’ group also brought home the bacon with some excellent Yellowfin Tunas.


Here is what Paul had to say after the trip: “Great day fishing! 1st Marlin, 1st Sailfish, then we caught 4 yellowfin tuna and 4 Dorado (mahi mahi).

“I can’t thank Daradee Olson enough for being a trooper and falling in love with my passion for fishing. She killed it!”