January 12, 2017

In mid-January the Harvester strung together several great results despite the presence of unusually high winds. The catch numbers went down a little but the billfish that were released are all monsters.

After this pair of nice releases the Mega Panga welcome Donald Ladenberger from the Sceptred Isle for a great day of action.

This Royal Navy veteran spun the guns on this Sailfish like the Bismarck, and Mate Kevin was there to play the role of Capt. Shepard.

Later in the week the offshore winds were just too much to bear so Captain Alex stayed inshore and kept the rods bent with Jack Crevalles and Dorados.

The next day the winds relaxed and the Harvester headed offshore for a couple of big Sailfish releases.

By mid-January the conditions were near-perfect, and Captain Alex was champing at the bit to get back into big-time blue water battles.

The day started quickly with two early Sailfish releases.

A third Sailfish hit the hook less than an hour later and once again the Harvester was up for the fight.

After the trophy releases they added a pair of swollen Dorados to the fishbox…pretty much the perfect end to a day on the water!