June 10, 2020

What a week it’s been! The team was on a high after finishing the second story slab, and took the weekend to recuperate.

They were ready to start stacking blocks for the second story on Monday, but a fluke rainstorm forced them off the ladders. The crew showed their ‘never surrender’ attitude by going down below to get a jump start on spackeling the interior walls.

Speaking of work that can be done rain-or-shine, check out the rehabilitation done on the main office by Yoseph Castellon and Alex Hernandez.

It is safe to say that this wood has never been sanded this deeply in the last 20 years.

Great work by these concierge-turned-woodsmiths!

They also put the finishing touches on Casa Tranquilo.

Once the weather cleared up, the whole crew got back to Casa Bianca and started piling up the second story of the house.

Captain William is leading the charge with his classic can-do attitude.

Just like on the first floor we are splitting the walls to prevent potential earthquake damage.

On June 9 we took a special break at lunch to celebrate Javier’s birthday with the whole crew. Javier’s son Dario came by to share in the party.

After the party, Javier showed the boys his technique for pouring window headers and door lentils.

The team has followed his lead and kept on battling up and down the ladder to complete this second story.

We have heard from an engineer friend in San Jose who has been watching this project that in his opinion we are working at double the normal pace for this kind of project.

With a crew this good, the sky in the limit!