June 3, 2020

This weekend was lost to heavy rain, but the crew of Nosara Paradise Rentals and FishingNosara are back in action, progressing rapidly on the second story of Casa Bianca

Fortunately almost no concrete seeped through the new slab…it takes precision to make sure that the forms are well sealed from below, and you don’t know if they are tight until the concrete is poured.

Satisfied with the quality of the pour, the team soldiered on with stacking the blocks for the second story.

Nine courses of block have been stacked and filled in just three working days. These guys are in a groove and the speed of the work proves it.

Meanwhile, the wood-shop-in-the-boat-shop is sending clouds of sawdust flying into the nature preserve like a steamstack.

The beauty of this wood is revealed in each pass of the sander, and we are excited to see it in place around Casa Bianca.

All systems are go and we are excited to keep going.