June 2, 2024

Ralph Cushing sent us a great email after his June 2 trip on the Explorer:

“What a great day!! Thank you Captain Antonio and First Mate Raphael!!! We chartered the Explorer and had a great time. I have been fishing offshore for over 35 years and these guys and their fleet are TOP SHELF!!! The fleet works together to make sure everyone has a great day!”

“Our Captain Antonio was the first to hook up and then the fleet showed up after he called them. We had a great time catching yellowfin tuna! These guys know how to fish and work VERY hard to be sure their clients are having a great experience!! Very very professional, kind and funny! We had a great time!!!”

“BTW we had the smallest boat in the fleet that day and we smoked every other boat out there with 8 nice ones🧐 Must be a very good captain and first mate. HIRE THE EXPLORER and have an amazing experience!!”