June 29, 2012

Excellent performance on the Wanderer for our new pals Jesse Felt and Erik Snelgrave. These San Josa, California anglers got off to a hot start with a small Dorado and a Yellowtail Snapper on ice before you could say “cowabunga”. They then got serious with a pair of beautiful Rooster fish releases.

Look, all three of those guys have the same hairstyle!

Great work by Captain William who has kept the Wanderer parked on top of Rooster fish all month…June 2012 goes up as our best ever Rooster fish month with a total of 13 releases.

Click for all Rooster Fish releases

Starting on June 1, the FishingNosara team had one trip with a single release, two doubles, two triples, and a quadruple release…The Rooster Fish Cycle for all you baseball fans out there (I see you out there Brooke S., viva Gigantes!)